American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Inc. Incorporated under the laws of the state of new york, 2012

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Patti Negri

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Benefits and Privileges


All members are entitled to:

  • 1-Receive the Federationís national recognition, recommendation, and full endorsement
  • 2-Receive the Federationís national certification, certificates and diplomas if applicable, or a statement in lieu. See Tests & Certification
  • 3-Be listed free of charge, in the National Directories of Certified and/or Tested Practitioners. Under preparation
  • 4-Be free of charge, featured, and/or written up or interviewed in the Federationís publications, books and affiliated magazines (See Publications, books, Magazines)  See  Books & Publications
  • 5-Free of charge Nationwide and worldwide promotion via the Federationís newswire, press releases, and interviews in the Federationís publications
  • 6-Enroll free of charge in the Orientation and Training programs. See Training Programs
  • 7-Free of charge National and worldwide maximum exposure provided by the best-selling magazine ďUFOs & Supernatural MagazineĒ. All members will be featured in the magazine on a regular basis, and will have the opportunity to appear on the cover of the magazine. See
  • 8-Receive free of charge assistance in writing their resumes, CVs, and press releases
  • 9-Maintain a 2 page personal website on the Federation's website free of charge
  • 10-Receive free of charge review of their published books in the Federation's publications, and "UFOs & Supernatural MagazineĒ