American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Inc. Incorporated under the laws of the state of new york 2012

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Profiles of Chief Examiners:

Patti Negri

Sunhee Park

Chinhee Park

Patrice Cole





 Board of Directors

  • Maximillien de Lafayette,  Chairman of the Board
  • Petrit Demaliaj, Member
  • Gideon Issa, Member
  • Judith Goldsmith, Director
  • Dina Vitantonio, Secretary
  • Aurele Issa, Treasurer

The Secretary of State is designated as agent of the Federation.


Patti Negri, President.

Jennifer Wallens, Vice President for Psychic Research and Paranormal Studies.

Dina Vitantonio, Vice President for Business and Development.

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Board of State Directors and Regional Directors:

Members of the Board of State Directors and Regional Directors of the Federation's Chapters in the United States and abroad shall be announced soon.