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Bryan Timothy Rawls

 Tested and Certified Practitioner


Are you a tested and certified practitioner? Yes

Name of the organization which tested you and certified you: American Federation of Certified Psychic Mediums Inc

Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines: I have been practicing witchcraft and spell work for over 18 years, I also am gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience telepathy and healing.

Describe briefly your very special psychic talents: Healing and Extra Sensory Perception and being a open divine channel for avatars and other dimensional beings

Are your psychic gifts inherited by birth (A natural gift), or taught? Natural gift. I am a 8th Generation Psychic Medium with clairvoyance clairaudience. Clairsentience 

Have you received a formal psychic training? Yes in energy healing mediumship and  clairvoyance

(Where? Who taught you? For how long? Candess Campbell , My grandmother and Aunt

Teaching, counseling and training: I am certified to teach reiki and DNA activations as well as send attunements of energy healing systems.

(Do you teach? Do you train? Do you counsel? Do you give seminars?) I do all of the above. I Have taught Reiki Classes, also Attuned 275 people into different styles of reiki.

Certification, degrees, diplomas (All kinds): I am a Certified Ususi Tibetan Violet flame, Silver Violet Flame Akashic Record and Atlantian Reiki Master and Certified Angel Card Reiki Certified Ama Deus Shamanic Healing, Certified Telos Healer Certified Chios Healer also a Certified Prayer Specialist, Level 3 High Priest of Traditional Witchcraft, DNA Light Integrative Healer, Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Starseed and Certified Crystal Healer and Soul Retrieval Expert Also a Diploma in Parapsychology

List your certificates, degrees, and especially lightworker’ diplomas and the institutions which granted you such credentials: Straford Career Institute ,  Certifications of reiki certificates Gabriel Olesen, Jay Burrell, Hari Warasi, Linda Colibert , Caroline Todd and Anna Helvie and Douglas Helvie

Radio appearances: Ask Sue Show, Psychic Horizon , True Psychic Network Blog Talk Radio Shows            

Describe your rapport with clients: I try to make all my clients as comfortable as possible and give them the best type of spiritual guidance possible with their spirit guides help.




Since I was a young child about the age of 7, I have been able to see beyond the veil into the world of spirit. From the time I started school I knew I was different and felt that I did not belong on this plane of existence. About the age of 13 I realized that I could also feel people’s moods (happy, sad etc.) One day a friend asked me “Who are you talking to?”, and I replied “My Indian friend”; this is when I realized exactly how different I really was, and that no one else could hear or see my “invisible” friends. I finally decided to speak with my idols. My grandmother and aunt explained to me my family heritage; a lineage dating back to the 1400’s and helped me to understand my place in the plan of “ALL THAT IS”. I am the first male in my family to have this blessing and that my mission in this life is to make a difference in the world. With great patience they began to teach me more about honing the abilities that our bloodline and my guides have bestowed upon me. These include clairvoyance (the ability to see), clairaudience (the ability to hear), clairsentience (the ability to feel), claircognizance (the ability to know), telepathy (the ability to send and receive messages with-in the mind), and as well as being a Shamanistic healer. I began reading tarot cards and angel cards for family and friends with great accuracy. My family encouraged me, but my friends thought I was weird and strange. By Middle School I had become a misfit, having trouble with the teachers for talking in class to people only I could see. When I left school in 8th grade and began home schooling, things got easier. I had split my day between schoolwork and spiritual studies. At 17, I got my first job as an Intuitive Medium on Circle of Stars, at the same time, going to school to get my Certified Nursing Assistant. At 18, I became a CNA, using my healing hands as part of my work, but it became too much, so I listened to the call to work full time for Spirit. I have worked as an Intuitive Medium on high-volume hotlines such as KEEN, Psychic Live, Psychic Source, and Hollywood Psychics through witch I have undergone a battery of tests. From 2006 to 2010 I studied Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master in 2010. I can channel many energies to help you with your questions, from spirit guides, angels, archangels, faeries, elementals, gods, goddesses, celestial beings, and other galactic energies. I devote myself to helping people find purpose in their life, provide guidance, as well as provide closure and comfort to those who have had souls dear to them pass beyond the veil, without the opportunity to say goodbye.