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 Consumers Protection Bureau

Email your complaints and comments to and we will post them on this page. All complaints against psychics and mediums must be substantiated and documented. Material submitted by anonymous persons will be rejected. Please include your name and contact (Email and phone number). We will investigate the matter and report to the general public on our investigations and findings in a timely manner.

Code of Ethics and Termination of Membership

Members who violate the Code of Ethics and engage into unethical and illegal practices will be expelled from the Federation, and their membership will be terminated permanently. Violation of the rules and high standards of the Federation shall be determined by the Federation Board of Ethics and Fair Practice.

Examples of acts that are considered a violation (To name a few):

  • 1-Membersí false claims and promises in any shape or form,  in advertisement, public speaking and communication with clients
  • 2-Violation of their own refund policy
  • 3-Badmouthing peers and colleagues
  • 4-Misrepresentating facts
  • 5-Use of fake credentials and titles
  • 6-Causing physical, mental and emotional harm to clients and others
  • 7-Commiting  fraud and felonies



DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION: The federation does Not issue negative reports or statements on/about practitioners; it is against its policies and rules of ethics. The federation will inform the inquirers and the general public on the status of a practitioner such as "Certified", "Tested", "Legitimate Practitioner", an "Accredited Member" etc. The federation also recommends trustworthy practitioners, and in some very particular cases, the federation would not recommend a practitioner for justifiable and DOCUMENTED reasons backed up by legal findings and unquestionable information provided by its investigative agents about particular practitioners, but would not defame the character or professionally hurt the name and practice of a practitioner, unless the practitioner is deemed to be and/or is legally found  corrupt, or dangerous to the community. In all cases, such statements by the federation will be FIRST reviewed and examined by an attorney.

The federation maintains a current and updated "Black List" of practitioners who have committed a felony, a crime, who broke the law, and especially those who are known for badmouthing others and posting hideous stuff and false accusations/claims against others on their websites, others' websites, Facebook, the Internet blogs and forums. These people are banned for life from joining the federation. And their names will be released to the public, to the media and to the authorities. It is time to get rid of villains, evildoers  who falsely accuse others, envy the success of hardworking lightworkers, and clean up the messy world of lightworkers.

If really psychics and mediums are LIGHTWORKERS as they claim, spiritual teachers, communicators with angels, Life coaches, and wisdom guides, and believe in the words "Blessings, Love" they frequently use in their letters, emails and speeches, then they should never cheat the public and speak evil. Only phony and vicious self-proclaimed psychics break these rules and betray the code  of dignity and honor, and the oath of their NOBLE profession.