Danielle Nijhuis

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Danielle Nijhuis

Tested and Certified Practitioner

Autobiography: My Name is Danielle Nijhuis 38 years old .I was born in Germany and live in Holland near the border of Germany.  I am a medium ,psychic ,aura-reader and a healer. I present a Dutch TV program who offers live readings a couple of times a week in  Holland on commercial network .When you come or call for  a reading, I read your aura and give you support and advice on different aspects of life.

I give you the possibility's about your future. I also make contact with your love ones  who are in the Spirit World, because your love ones really want to let you know that they are still around and happy and guide you in your earthly life. During the last 7 years I have done a lot of courses in Mediumship in the "English style" at the Famous Arthur Findlay College. During the Election in America, I became the 3rd best Medium of Holland and also the best Presenter of a Live TV Show offering live readings from all over the world. The Reason I do my job as a Medium is to serve  the Spirit World .I work for and work with spirit.
The spirit world is there for you, to help you , to guide you and to prove that their is no death. Spirit can not die.

You also can contact  me for a Trance Healing. Healing from the Spirit world will help you on a Physical, mental, and spiritual level, so your self healing process will be activate through the vibration of the Spirit World. "Spirit is my Soul" and being in the middle with the spirit world I will guide you to help you connect with your own spirit, your Soul! You can contact me for Readings, Trance Healing , Aura readings, contact with a loved one in the spirit world, Seminars about the Vibration of the spirit world, Mediumship development training. You can also book me for Demonstration Mediumship all over the world.