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Fees for taking the test:

The INDEPENDENT Examiner who will administer the test, develop the test procedures, interview you, assess your competence, and spend his/her time starting and completing the whole process, and working with you independently from the federation is entitled to a honorarium of $75; thus you pay the examiner directly, and Not the federation, because the federation will not receive a penny from any source, from you or anybody else, for the test or any other service. Once you successfully pass the test, the federation will recognize you as "Tested" and "Certified" practitioner in your field. If you fail the test. The Chief Examiner will give you another chance. The new and second test will be administered to you, free of charge. There is no refund for taking the test whether you pass or fail the test.

Issuing the Certificate (Diploma):

If you wish (OPTIONAL) to receive your diploma of "Tested" and "Certified", you will be required to pay $10 to cover the expenses of printing the diploma, the Golden Seal, and shipping the diploma (United States Postage). Again, it is optional. Thus you don't have to pay the $10, if you don't wish to receive your diploma, still you remain Certified and Tested by the federation.

Annual Membership Dues for Lightworkers: $75.