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Dr. Georgia Marantos, Tested & Certified




Phone: 646-281-7003


Georgia Marantos is a natural intuitive, healer and teacher who has been happily helping people to achieve greater peace, health and clarity for over 20 years.

She facilitates powerful energy healings and a wide variety of services including, Spirit-guided readings that follow a question/answer format and/or messages from Loved Ones in Spirit, and private and group classes designed to help individuals open and develop their psychic abilities. Georgia is a Certified Intuitive Consultant and an Ordained Spiritualist Minister with Holistic Studies Institute in New York City, and has trained with spiritualist medium Sharon A. Klinger.  She is also a certified Rising Star Practitioner and Teacher, and an NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Therapist, facilitating energy healings, Practitioner Initiation workshops and individual NLP coaching sessions through the lineage of Derek OíNeill, a renown transformational and motivational therapist, author and humanitarian.

In addition to her extensive training with great spiritual teachers, Georgia credits the early positive influences from her career as a practicing Psychiatrist MD and therapist as additional contributing factors in shaping her ability to bring a balanced, wholistic approach to help people achieve whatever they choose in a safe, and loving space. Her diverse background coupled with her strong innate psychic abilities make her uniquely qualified and extremely effective in everything that she offers.

Georgia is a clear and powerful channel, and you will immediately feel the high-energy she holds and her natural enthusiasm and genuine care. Her clients regularly express deep gratitude for the healing, clarity and transformation they experience through her readings and sessions.

ďI love to share my gifts with people and am so passionate about helping you open the doors to your own greatness and realize your full potential through any of my offerings, all aimed to help you Transform Anew!Ēó Georgia Marantos

Intuitive Readings

I offer 30, 60 or 90 minute Phone and Skype intuitive readings. These readings are a question and answer session with Spirit, so please be ready with questions you may have about your life, relationships, career, health etc. If you donít have any specific questions, I contact Spirit and they usually enlighten us about your current situation in life and then give information on choices you may have or how to navigate through any issues, if they arise. Specific questions help yield specific answers, so once an overall view is received form Spirit, we can delve deeper into areas of interest. Or alternatively, if you know what you want to ask, we can jump right in and ask questions! In general, a 30 minute reading usually answers 3 or 4 questions and an hour reading up to 6 or 8. This varies according to the detail we go into, but if you prepare as many questions as possible, then we can aim to go through them all. I have a medical background but do not give a diagnosis where health or illness is concerned, simply because I do not have a license to practice medicine here in the States. However, I have found that my medical experience and understanding can help ameliorate any anxiety about disease and traditional Western medicine. Also, all readings are confidential and I do not predict dates of death.

Contact Loved Ones

I am very excited to be offering this service because when we contact Spirit in this way, it is so uplifting for all of us! I cannot guarantee that the Spirit you want to communicate will come through, however, I will do my best to open and allow all loved ones to visit us in our session and more times than not, if they donít come through at first, they may come through at the end of the session. And if they donít, I am happy to refund your session. Almost always, in those cases, the Spirits that do come, reveal a message that was exactly what was needed for some healing to take place.


If your life isnít going the way you want it to go, you might be running unconscious programs (conditioned beliefs/actions made in childhood and influenced by your parents and the environment) that are hampering your efforts. Neurolinguistic programming is a successful way to re-program your unconscious to believe what you want about yourself and your life, so that you can overcome obstacles and manifest whatever your heart desires! THIS THERAPY IS THE WAY TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT. You will learn many different techniques to change your old beliefs/habits into new, exciting and motivating ones. As well as set goals and clarify the steps needed to achieve them. There are no limits to who you are and so there are no limits to how much you can achieve in this lifetime!
















Excerpts from the Magazine: PARAPSYCHOLOGY & MIND POWER MAGAZINE"  June 2013