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Website:  www.wefindourway.com Email: jandrake007@hotmail.com . Telephone number: Home  (702)- 737-6068  and Cell  (702)- 528-2546

-Are you a tested and certified practitioner? Yes I am! As of today 12-28-2014

-Name of the organization which tested you and certified you. Patti Negri of this organization. The American Federation of Psychics and Lightworkers.

-Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines: Animal Spirit Totem Reader and I work on Missing Persons as a Psychic Detective

-Describe briefly your very special psychic talents: I am able to see animal spirits psychically to give messages to people about their lives etc. fairly quickly.  I have found one 15 year old boy and have helped several missing persons cases with my findings. I do general psychic readings as well with questions etc from meditations.

-Are your psychic gifts inherited by birth (A natural gift), or taught? I do feel they were inherited at birth as my mother was psychic as well. I saw people in orbs growing up as a child. I did not pursue this seriously until the last 15 years or so.

-Have you received a formal psychic training? Yes. My first class was at age seventeen from a medium and I immediately had some spirits visit me as one came into my energy and this was a bit scary. I stopped the training at that point. Many years later I listened to Sylvia Browne on tv and radio and read several of her books and belong to her radio group now.  I have taken classes from   Jethro Smith from this Federation. I take a spiritual development class  from  Barbara Delong as well. I have listened to the radio shows the last three and a half years from  Patti Negri , Jethro Smith, Dena Flanagan, Linda Irwin, Lynn Bleasdale, Gary Wimmer, Janine Regan Sinclair, Pamela Cummins, Kelly Coulter, Bonnie Albers, Angela Bixby, Georgia Marantos, Shanon Corkins, DC Love, Eileen Boettcher, Elisjah Anderzen, Peg Jones, Chris White and the rest of the Psychics Gone Wild group as well as other groups such as Curious Times. I have taken classes from Saundra Greene in Numerology and Chakras from Amy Cavanaugh.  Also, Jamie Butler several classes in different areas in psychic development. Currently I am in a psychic development group practicing skills headed by Solana and Christina Nelson on facebook. 2014-2015.

-(Where? Who taught you? For how long? A medium in Santa Barbara, CA in 1975 for a month. Jethro Smith, Amy Cavanaugh, Saundra Greene, Linda Irwin for the year of 2012.  Barbara Delong for the year of 2014. Jamie Butler for the years of 2012-2014 psychic development classes as well. Now the year of 2014 with Solana and Christina Nelson as well. All of these are online classes that I am able to take right here at home.

-Teaching, counseling and training:  I do spiritual  and intuitive counseling for people online from facebook and with  friends and family off line on the phone. I have done some teaching on radio shows about the Animal Totems, Chakras and Elementals.  Also of my psychic experiences. I taught a tumbling and contortion class with one of my teachers in a studio at age 11 in  1969 in Las Vegas. I taught gymnastics to my team as well growing up in gymnastics on certain nights during 1968-1973 and also in Geneva, Ohio in 1974 while on a team there. I taught dance aerobics for Lane Community College and did dance substitute classes for the college during 1983-85. I taught at UNR in Reno, Nevada as a substitute teacher for a Jazz African dance class in 1988.

-(Do you teach? Do you train? Do you counsel? Do you give seminars?)

-World rank and national rank: World rank: 137th Four Stars. Date:11-28-2014. National (USA) rank: 105th Four stars. Date: 11-28-2014

-Certification, degrees, diplomas (All kinds): Certified Nurses Aide and Home Health Aide Degrees and Certification from Nevada, California and Oregon. From approximately 1978-1988. The certifications are not current now. Massage Therapy Certification and Degree in 1994 for Las Vegas, Nevada until 2008.  The certification is not current now. I worked in both of these careers for those dates listed.

-List your certificates, degrees, and especially lightworker’ diplomas and the institutions which granted you such credentials: Professionals Academy here in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1977. For CNA and HHA Certifications.  Certificates for Shiatsu and Massage Therapy in Reno, Nevada in 1987-8.  Dahan Institute in 1994 for Massage Therapy here in Las Vegas.

-Honors and Awards: I have  been honored for my caretaking work of my Grandmother, Father and Mother for the years I spent caring for them until their deaths. By the families, friends and Drs who knew us for caretaking work etc. I have been honored for my gymnastics and dance  achievements with newspaper articles, medals, trophies, and Who’s Who Biographies. State Champion and National Champion for the gymnastics.  I was honored for being on the Honor Roll in Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon  for the 5 years I attended it.

-Professional membership (All kinds): Currently I am a member of the Classic Dance and Show Girl Cast and Crew Member  group that resides here in Las Vegas, Nevada headed by LouAnne Chessik for professional Dancers and Show Girls. I belong to the Psychics Gone Wild group online on Facebook and the Blogtalk Radio Shows online.

-Listed or featured in: I was mentioned in a newspaper article for my psychic work for a friend named Carol Carey who is searching for her missing mother. This was in a Fall River ,Rhode Island Newspaper in 2014.  I was mentioned in a friend Oktobre Taylor’s blog  for my help and work for her psychically for questions she had for the years of 2012-3.(Books, magazines, newspapers, particular publications, directories, encyclopedias, guides). I have poetry in several published books for poetry that are being sold at The Barnes and Nobles Book Stores online. "Stars in our Hearts" book.  "In My Lifetime" book in Barnes and Nobles and on Amazon.com. I write for an online newsletter magazine articles and poetry for the last two years.  The Gaylife Newsletter. John DeBartola Editor. Also another online newsletter magazine called “Off the Cuff”. Articles and poetry. Sprinkles Nixon Editor.  I am listed in several American Biographical Who’s Who Biography books for dance, gymnastics and poetry as well.

-Film appearances: I have done some Extra work in the films  “ A Vacation in Las Vegas” (title?) with Chevy Chase and “Mars Attack”.

-Stage appearances: I started to perform at the age of seven years old as a competitive gymnast training  for the Olympics. From 1965-1975. This was the Las Vegas Fittettes Gymnastics Team.  I did Ballet performances for a year season in approximately 1967-8. Virginia Lee’s Dance Studio. I was in choir growing up in  from grade school through high school performing for the city of Las Vegas and the schools.  Later in college from 1980-85 I performed for  C. Rider Dance Company in Eugene, Oregon all around Oregon in many stage venues etc.  Approximately 70 shows.  Also, I was able to show some of my dance choreography in some of these shows as well. Then in 1985-2000 I danced and modeled in professional Las Vegas Shows as well as in other states and countries. I did nine professional dance production shows. Several modeling shows and print work. I helped to create and  put on an after hour show  in a club in Nassau, Bahamas showcasing some of my dance choreography.

-TV appearances:   I was on a tv show interview for my gymnastics achievements in the 1960’s. It was a local tv show for Las Vegas. I did a commercial for a hotel ad in 1987 from a modeling agency. I was in an E Entertainment  ad for a commercial of advertising Las Vegas shows and auditions in 1998.

-Radio appearances: I have been working on the radio since 2013 doing psychic work and reading my poetry for the Unseen World group and the Psychics Gone Wild group online on blogtalk radio shows.

-Fees:   I have not charged yet for doing psychic readings. I will start this in 2015.

Skype: I do have skype E-mail:  jandrake007@hotmail.com. Phone: Home-702-737-6068 or Cell- 702-528-2546. In person: I usually work online or the phone. In person would be fine to do the animal totems.

Parties: I have not done a party yet.

-Advice and/or counseling:  I love giving advice if I can  and then giving intuitive counseling to others. I will do a meditation for most psychic work except for the psychic animal totems which I can do within seconds upon being in contact with a client.

Refund policy: Of course I will use this when I start to charge. I want people to be happy and satisfied.

Success ratio: So far pretty successful as far as people being happy.

Describe your rapport with clients: I enjoy working with all types of people from all kinds of backgrounds, affiliations, etc. I love working with others. I have been very blessed with working and counseling with people. I have had so many who have been so good to me from any help I have offered them.