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Janine Regan-Sinclair

 Tested and Certified Practitioner


Are you a tested and certified practitioner? Yes

Name of the organization which tested you and certified you. American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, Inc

Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines:

1.       Soul Purpose Readings - Telephone or Skype

2.       Past life Regression/Readings - Telephone or Skype

3.       Soul Purpose Readings - Telephone or Skype

4.       Animal Readings – Photograph required, Telephone or Skype

5.       Mediumship, general readings - Telephone or Skype

6.       Crystal Ki Diamond Energy Healing – Telephone or Skype

7.      Private House Clearing – Dark energies and portals removed or closed down

8.      Corporate Property Clearing – Full Reports issued.

Describe briefly your very special psychic talents: I am able to communicate with any being, tree, plant or even crystal, people’s relatives in spirit, their guides or angels, but I am particularly good at spotting blocks, past life issues and soul purpose readings. I can also communicate with the organs in the body to help with health issues, I pick up on the vibrations of almost everything by just thinking about it and making the connection. I don’t use tools like cards or anything like that, I just translate the vibes and messages my soul or my client’s energy field share with me. I bring healing into the readings and also downloads of light and energy during sessions, if appropriate.

Are your psychic gifts inherited by birth (A natural gift), or taught? My ability is inherited from my mother of the ‘Sinclair’ family in Scotland. I have always been open to spirit, elemental fairies as a child and even ET’s.

Have you received a formal psychic training? I have not been formally trained to read people, I’m a natural, but I have been trained to communicate with animals.

(Where? Who taught you? For how long? I trained with Joanne Hull, Author of The Pet Psychic in the UK.

Teaching, counseling and training: Hypnotherapy & Counselling Diploma, Dip Hyp CS. Neuro-linguistic Practitioner Certificate. City & Guilds Teaching Certificate. Reiki/Seichem Master Teacher

(Do you teach? Do you train? Do you counsel? Do you give seminars?) I have been teaching for almost ten years, I teach Crystal Ki Healing and Animal Communication & Healing Workshops globally by Skype or one to one. I no longer teach Reiki. All Crystal Ki courses are listed on www.crystalki.com     

Certification, degrees, diplomas (All kinds):

1.             Hypnotherapy/Counselling Diploma, Dip Hyp CS

2.            Neuro-linguistic Practitioner Certificate

3.            City & Guilds Teaching Certificate

4.            Reiki/Seichem Master Teacher


Professional membership (All kinds):

1.       The Hypnotherapy Society

2.       The National Federation of Spiritual Healers

3.       American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, Inc

Listed or featured in: I was resident expert writer (Agony Aunt) for Soul & Spirit magazine for 18 months. I have 4 books published to date and I also have MP3 self-development Programs on my web site to help with weight loss, money, abundance, perfect partner & spiritual growth. They are extremely powerful and on special offer, visit www.crystalkihealing.com/special and if you sign up for my mailing list, you receive a gift, a 30 minute MP3 to remove Poverty from your consciousness.

Stage appearances: I have spoken at Peace festivals, in Colleges and Hospitals and other events including the Probe International Paranormal Conference about Soul Implants in 2012 and Astral Projection in 2013.

TV appearances: The People’s Health (The People’s Voice TV) This program was about Past Life Regression. I also wrote, codirected and coproduced a documentary pilot about mental health, addictions and spirit attachments and entities, Click here>> The 21 Day Mind Detox Uncut

Radio appearances: Too many to list, Psychics Gone Wild, Curious Times, Sheila Gale, plus others.

Do you have your own show? I have my own show called Cosmic Truth on Blog Talk Radio, my co-host is the fabulous Patti Negri. Previously on Cosmic Truth I have interviewed some amazing people from Dr Bruce Lipton and Diana Cooper, to Dr Steven Greer (The Disclosure Project) and Sean Clarke (SSRF.org) The show protocol has now changed from straight interviews and is now a call in show offering insight and healing to live callers. Click here to listen to the new show>> Cosmic Truth with Janine & Patti  or Click here >> to hear Patti and I discuss Possession


Janine Regan-Sinclair is a Crystal Ki Healing Specialist and Hypnotherapist. She is an author, transformational speaker, teacher, radio host and producer. She was born in the United Kingdom and from an early age had the ability to see and communicate with spirit, but by the time she was 11 years old, she decided that it was not socially acceptable and shut down her clairvoyant vision. She lead life to the full, but deep down she knew that something was missing - her spirituality. In 2001 her father died and Janine became ill and she turned to complementary therapies for help. Her childhood vision soon returned and she decided to learn more about healing and spirituality, her thirst for knowledge grew and she felt guided to train as an Energy Practitioner and Teacher.

In 2003 she developed a new healing modality called ‘Crystal Ki’, a diamond energy realignment system that heals and restores balance and harmony to the Mind, Body and Soul on many levels, healing animals, as well as cleansing land and buildings. Later, in 2010 she created a revolutionary new treatment called the ‘21 Day Mind Detox’ which has become her speciality. Janine has a consulting room at Number 10 Harley Street, London having previously practiced at the Hale Clinic, London. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in many different areas of healing, spirituality and self-development gives people the tools they need to transcend through the higher levels of consciousness.

“To change the world we need to change. We are all responsible as our collective consciousness creates our reality.”    Janine Regan-Sinclair

Janine is a consciousness pioneer, educating people by helping them to evolve with the current Earth changes, which are breaking down our belief systems and greatly affecting the whole fabric of society. Humanity is in the midst of phenomenal change spiritually and physically. We all need to heal in order to move forward and her Crystal Ki Healing system is a simple, transformative solution that enables us to do so. As an intuitive channel and light worker, her life purpose is to help humanity move forward and embrace the next step in their evolutionary path. She shares her knowledge and the messages she receives from the higher levels of consciousness through her books, workshops, talks, radio programs and mass media communications. Janine also has her own blog, sharing insight in many different areas, a fascinating read. Through her teachings, she initiates self-refinement, unity of spirit and reconnection to Source. Janine is a visionary, a pioneer in her field, a woman on a mission.


Janine, her incredible abilities, wisdom and insights are so amazing and awe-inspiring, that she has to be experienced to be believed!

“She has created something the world has been waiting hundreds of years for.”

“Just being in her presence I felt an expanded sense of consciousness.”

“I have had the opportunity to meet many healers over the course of my life and I believe that Janine is exceptional”

“To call her a pioneer is an understatement as her work is leading edge”

“A world leader in the field of Complementary Healthcare and Spiritual Development.”

“She clearly walks her talk and is here on a journey of service to humanity.”

“I was very distressed when my doctor told me I need to have another operation for a hernia in my abdomen. A friend suggested Janine. By the following month my hernia had completely gone.”

 “Janine is an amazingly insightful teacher, healer, writer, and creator of ideas. She lives and exemplifies what she believes and teaches. She is full of warmth and kindness and I would highly recommend her practice and her books to others. It was a pleasure working with her and I hope to have the privilege again soon.”

“After experiencing Janine's 21 Day Mind Detox, I was drawn to taking Levels 1 & 2 Crystal Ki Healing and found the training fascinating. Janine has a special gift and is a wonderful teacher who I have no hesitation in recommending.”

 “All I can say is WOW!”



Autobiography & Message:

All of my life I have been a clairvoyant empath and I've wanted to help people. I come from a big family and I've had a great life, with lots of love and blessings. When I lost my father in 2001, my life was turned up side down, but that led to a breakthrough, the trauma of his death left me broken and fragmented and I needed to heal myself. Since then, I have gathered the pieces of my consciousness and put the jigsaw back together. That journey has enabled me to learn so much. I not only work with diamond and Source energy, I was trained in the art of Shamanism as well as  NLP and Hypnosis. All of these are combined in my treatments and have given me solutions to major problems such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Mental Health and Depression to name a few. I also discovered how to remove dis-ease from the body with the 21 Day Mind Detox ( this is a single 2 hour treatment session ). My goal is to create a Research Centre to gather statistics we can show to the Government in the US. I would like too change the way the health system treats these conditions, to educate doctors and nurses, giving them the tools to solve these problems. Anxiety disorders cost the state over $40 billion dollars a year and current treatment protocol is failing people, it's time for change.

I will also treat children and young people under 25 yrs old with serious health issues on a donation basis. In order to create that centre, we require your help, so please make a donation by having a reading, I'm not asking you to give without receiving, but if you feel you would like to help without having a reading, that would be wonderful, thank you so much. To make a donation ($1-$999 USD), visit our web site here>> www.thecrystalkifoundation.com or contact me here>> info@thecrystalkifoundation.com for larger donations (over $1000 USD) 

With much love and gratitude.

Janine Regan-Sinclair