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Jethro Smith, part Native American Indian, has been reading professionally for over thirty years. Jethro was born with the gift of sight and has always been able to see auras and energies around people. After a near death experience his gift heightened further and he began in kindergarten foreseeing future events and communicating with his friends’ guides, angels and loved ones who had crossed over. Jethro was uniquely mentored by metaphysical teachers and spiritual counselors beginning preschool, teaching him skills as well as “psychic protections” and how to “discern the spirits.” He is open in all five modalities and believes that everyone is born with the gift and has the ability to develop and to use this insight to grow spiritually. Jethro works only with “light energies” and uses his gift to serve others by teaching psychic development courses both to adults and to gifted children, and by providing spiritual assistance including aura/energy readings and psychic readings.

Because of the range of his abilities and intense training, Jethro is known for swift, concise, and powerfully accurate readings. As an empath, he is sensitive to persons of all walks of life, religions, and countries and has developed a refreshing approach to both life and the afterlife, plus a one-of-a-kind sense of humor.

Jethro is author of “Living in the Psychic Realm,” a true-life tale of psychic development, and is founder of Psychics Gone Wild (blog talk radio). Jethro aims to help others understand the sixth sense and to recognize the power of one's daily choices. Through private readings, individualized classes and a psychic book series, Jethro's goal is to help as many people as possible to develop in the energy of "light" and to live the fullest, most positive life possible.

Refund policy: Jethro channels a client’s guides and loved ones as well as “reads energy.” Sometimes their words are clear yet the interpretation is unknown. Jethro will refund a customer who is dissatisfied; however the interpretation is generally clarified in short time.

Success ratio: “The success ratio is difficult to define. In a short, on-air sample reading, I do not delve into deep, personal aspects due to privacy. In a private setting, however, my ratio is very high and clients fully express satisfaction, having referred friends and family for over 30 years.”

Rapport with clients: Jethro has become close friends with many long-time clients and students. Subject matter is often very private and intimate, creating a lasting bond of trust and friendship.


"I met Jethro through listening to AIR Psychic Radio. He is incredibly amazing and accurate, his gift and his compassionate sharing of information is one to respect. I feel so unbelievably grateful to have been able to have had a read with you and you made me feel like I was talking to my best friend, and I thank you for being such a loving, caring person. I Highly recommend Jethro, he is truly real, no DOUBT!! If you do doubt? You will not when you are done." March 9, 2013 Corinne/CT


"I always get an awesome, accurate reading from Jethro aka "Psychic Jethro." He is very compassionate and understanding. Jethro is also very talented, interesting, and fun on his radio show Psychics Gone Wild and Spiritual Learning Connection. Get a reading from him and be amazed!" February 8, 2013, Pamela


"Amazing. These abilities exist. I was expecting fluff, so I could hang onto something. However, he knew very specific details. Trust him." February 7, 2013, Clarice


"Master Psychic Jethro Smith is one of the most gifted psychics I have ever experienced. He has a clear understanding from the angels and what he sees and feels and hears. He is able to cue in on what your main gifts are in this life to focus on. He is kind, caring, funny and genuine. He is breathtaking in his brilliance and knowing. I will always be grateful for his help to me. He is a light to this world and helps to bring that to his clients for the good of all of them." November 9, 2012


"I met with Jethro today and I have to say that he is absolutely amazing!! I introduced myself and then just basically let him do the reading. He is very intense and he was right on the money with the problem I am having and needed answers to. He was very compassionate and also has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend him and I will definitely be a repeat customer." October 16, 2012


"Psychic Jethro Smith is the most Amazing reader, messenger, intuitive person, that I have met! He is very detailed with information, he gets messages from the angels, spirits, whatever label you want to give to the beings who are Not physical like us, and his readings are Exceptionally Accurate! Worth the price and worth waiting for! Like any truly genuine psychic, he is busy and booked, but very professional and a very caring person. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great reading!" October 8, 2012, Kelly Mallery-Coulter


"Psychic and Rev. Jethro Smith . . . is brilliantly gifted with a psychic ability that is beyond words. It will take one's breathe away!! His warm, generous and charismatic personality is a joy to be around. He is not only excellent and a true professional in his field but also has a wonderful sense of humor with it. Jethro is an earth angel and a bright star here. He leads others along a lighted path and does it so gently and with ease. . ." Jan Drake Bakke, August 9, 2012


Living in the Psychic Realm - "The Sweetest Book Ever Written"

"Hands down this book is the sweetest book I have ever read. The child's perspective is endearing and the informational content of the psychic realm is phenomenal. I now know the intensive training one undergoes to become a top psychic. I love the way this book makes me feel after reading it, lighter than air. This book would make an excellent movie. I am very glad I read it."

Maggie, July 31, 2012


"I came across Jethro's ad on eBay and was drawn to it instantly. Kept getting outbid each time and was almost giving up when I finally WON a reading from him and was simply AWED by his gift. Without even telling him anything he started reading for me and was 100% accurate on everything. I was so impressed that I went back and purchased as many readings in advance that I could as well as referring him to friends and family. He is compassionate, empathic and very much into natural healing which is something I am very interested in. I keep learning something new each time we speak and look forward to future readings and insight from this gifted psychic who has become a valued friend as well." Shaké Weir, May 15, 2012


"I finished the book [Living in the Psychic Realm by Jethro E Smith] . . . WONDERFUL story teller! I knew a lot of the Harry Potter material was true to life, but now I realize much, much more of it is! . . . I've been much more aware of my breathing, and my dreams, and am trying to meditate and pray again. The book has been on my mind CONSTANTLY!" Living in the Psychic Realm, Reader, January 27, 2012


“Jethro is an amazing Psychic and teacher. So far, everything he predicted has come to light. As a teacher, he has patience and understanding. I learned so much from him about the metaphysical world, and then some. I highly recommend Jethro either for a reading or one of his online classes when he restarts them.” Kim Pasquariello, June 3, 2011


“Jethro is an amazing psychic who has never failed to provide accurate and pertinent insight into all aspects of my life, past and future. When I met Jethro, without a word from me, he was able to tune in and provide advice which improved my life from that day forward. I have had readings from Jethro on several occasions in person, and once over the phone, each time with the same level of detail and accuracy. In Sept 2010, I attended a three-day clairvoyance class in which he was a guest speaker, and also participated in his distance class earlier in the year. Jethro is a reliable and accurate reader and teacher, and I would recommend him without hesitation to my family and friends.” Paul Selk, June 4, 2011