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John Cappello Tested and Certified Practitioner

Psychic, Medium.

John Cappello


  • -Are you a tested and certified practitioner?
  • Certified 11/27/2014
  • -Name of the organization which tested you and certified you.
  • American Federation of Psychics and Mediums
  • -Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines: My expertise involves the use of all of the psychic senses and mediumship without the use of tools such as tarot cards.  I am a teacher, speaker and radio talk show host.
  • -Describe briefly your very special psychic talents:
  • I am able to read the energy and spirits around individuals in a private or public setting.
  • -Are your psychic gifts inherited by birth (A natural gift), or taught?
  • My gifts are natural but I did have a mentor for five years.
  • -Have you received a formal psychic training?
  • I received some training but the main use of my gifts has come from practice.
  • -(Where? Who taught you? For how long?
  • Dwanna Paul was a mentor of mine for five years.
  • -Teaching, counseling and training: (Do you teach? Do you train? Do you counsel? Do you give seminars?)
  • I teach several classes to develop psychic and mediumship abilities.
  • -World rank and national rank:
  • None at this time.
  • -Certification, degrees, diplomas (All kinds): List your certificates, degrees, and especially lightworker’ diplomas and the institutions which granted you such credentials:
  • BA Economics, University of Dallas 1979. MBA, Business Management/Finance, Graduate School of Management, 1980
  • -Honors and Awards:
  • Constant Contact All Star Award, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Open the Mind Exercise the Soul
  • Finalist, Adult Non Fiction, North Texas Book Festival
  • Winner, Non Fiction New Age Category, 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  • Finalist, Non Fiction New Age Category, 2013 International Book Awards
  • Finalist, Non Fiction New Age Category, 2013 USA Best Book Awards
  • Texas Chamber of Commerce Tenure Award (10 years)
  • Arrvell Wilson Community Service Award for West Dallas
  • -Listed or featured in: (Books, magazines, newspapers, particular publications, directories, encyclopedias, guides).
  • -TV appearances:
  • America’s Spookiest Homes on HG TV, November 2013
  • -Radio appearances:
  • Just Energy Radio
  • Epic Voyagers Radio
  • Fringe Radio
  • Bob Charles Radio Program
  • And many others
  • -Do you have your own show?
  • Yes, Beyond Metaphysics on the Inception Radio Network.


Interview in American Psychic & Medium Magazine, February Issue 2014