Karina Delaney

American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Incorporated

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Tested and Certified Practitioner

Karina Delaney

Nationality: Russian

Address: Buffalo Grove Il , 60089

Websites: www.karinavoroshilova.com


Email: info@mediumkarina.com

Telephone number: 847-414-1592

Q: Are you a tested and certified practitioner?

A: Yes

Q: Name of the organization which tested you and certified you.

A: American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums

Q: Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines:

A: Psychic, Healer, Medium , Crystal Healing , Intuitive Channeling

Q: Describe briefly your very special psychic talents:

A:  I read the Tarot, and I can find lost objects and I am a remote viewer and also I can see if the problem can be fixed

Q: Are your psychic gifts inherited by birth (A natural gift), or taught?

A: Birth,

Fees: 1 Hour Reading for New Clients is 100.00 ( Regular Clients is 200.00)

In person: $ 100.00

Parties: Minimum of 5 people $ 80.00 for the evening

Refund policy: The only way you will get refunded is if you and I cannot connect after 3 tries . No refunds on the phone readings and on Healing .

Success ratio: 100 %

Services available are Psychic Readings or Crystal Healing Channeling Sessions.
Psychic readings by Karina are a unique and exciting way to get a glimpse into, the future and into your past. It’s also fun, accurate, and extremely revealing. Unlike most people who give psychic readings, Karina uses a no-nonsense, direct approach with no sugar-coating. This eliminates the confusion that is often associated with psychic or clairvoyant readings. Karina doesn’t waste your time with nonsense. If, for some reason, she cannot answer your questions, she will let you know. Karina provides an authentic service for you.


Karina takes her work very seriously. In her psychic readings, Karina is not here to simply tell you what you already know, but to help you discover answers to the unknown! Your conversations will always stay private. Here is how the psychic readings are done: When you come to her for your reading, she will give you clarity and honest answers to your questions. She will tell you how things are without any “sugar-coating”. Karina’s secret to her success is that she cares deeply about her clients. Karina understands and feels her clients pain, sorrow, or any other emotions.

She uses Steampunk Tarot Deck, and Her Intuition to read for you. Whatever situation you are facing – regardless of the pain, happiness or sorrow she will be there to comfort you. Crystal Healing Channeling Sessions During channeled session, you simply define your physical or emotional condition or pain and Karina will work to facilitate instant pain relief and healing in a fast and efficient manner.

Awards received:

  • Best Psychic in the World #15.
  • Best Psychic in the USA # 12.
  • Best Mediums in the World # 12.
  • Best Mediums in the USA # 10.
  • Best Astrologist and Numerologist # 66.
  • Best Numerologist and Numerologist in the USA # 38.
  • Best Healers in the World # 39.
  • Best Healers in the USA # 14.
  • Best Tarot Readers in the World # 7.
  • Best Tarot Readers in the USA # 3.


Featured in: American Psychic & Medium Magazine, Times Press Square.