Kristen Lavespere

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Kristen Lavespere

  • Email:
  • Phone: 323.207.0152
  • Pricing: $60 for a 30 minute reading.
  • $90 for a 45 minute reading.
  • $120 for an hour.



Kristen is a native of the state of Louisiana, born under the sun and moon sign of Capricorn. Her family heritage varies from French, Spanish, Italian, Native American and Irish which help contribute to some of her natural given gifts. At a young age she always had sense of precognition events and people that she met across the course of her life. Most of her gifts came naturally due to the fact she was an only child and spent most of her time around adults and in her thoughts. At the age of twelve she was riding the bus home from school on a Friday afternoon and seen a firetruck heading down a main road her aunt and uncle lived on. Instantly her senses went off telling her that her auntís house was on fire, fortunately on that day the truck did not arrive at her auntís house. However that Sunday afternoon while visiting her aunt and uncleís house a fire broke out in their bathroom and set the house ablaze. Since everyone was on the back patio busy conversing no one detected the fire till it got to the attic. Long story short, the house burnt to the ground. This is only few of the events that sparked her into seeking out this gift within her.

At the age of thirteen Kristen was introduced to the Tarot and began her studies with this ancient tool. She gave reading to family members and friends while being astonished by the predictions that were coming to reality. At this age of adolescents she started looking at everything that was taught or thrust onto her and started questioning. Always trusting her inner voice she knew that the light of the Universe lives in her and every being.

As an adult she never silenced that inner voice and used it in her life experiences with others. That knowing has kept her protected from many dangers in life and also saved her time as well as heartache in personal situations. When a tragedy struck her family two years ago she tapped into her psychic senses stronger than ever before and awakened her gifts to a new horizon. Going through floods of emotion, her subconscious was set even more free and the information began flowing to her with ease. Consciously she started questioning everything from religion, science, primal nature, and human behavior. She decided to become a seeker and did something she didnít enjoy doing throughout her life; reading. Her mind sent her to the New Age section of the book store and said this is where you will find what you seek. That day she picked up a book on Wicca and discovered that all her life she was walking the path of this beautiful religion and had no idea. This religion allowed for logic and science to shine through as well as spiritual belief. Women were no lesser or no greater than men and not viewed as property or dirty beings that she found in other religions.

Hungry for more knowledge she read books on psychic abilities, meditation, brain activity, hypnosis, Wicca, Tarot, mediumship, and astral projection. She discovered that when she took up the violin at the age of ten through eighteen that it helped turn up alpha brain wave activity and was partially responsible for her gifts. Being a hair stylist as well she would come in contact with her clients and start picking up their thoughts and would find them asking her for advice. She also has received training with other psychic and mediums to attune her skills or step out of her comfort zone to sample new techniques. Sitting in classes with other students she held objects and read the impressions and energy instilled within them. She would read other students in the class and shock them with the information she delivered. What makes her different is that she is a skeptic herself and very logical, in turn making her look scientifically at the psychic brain and the activity that occurs. She believes psychic gifts are like baking, if you have the right measurements and temperatures you will get the same results every time. There is a natural gift to it as well; but when you are able to hone it and see where the source is coming from you are then able to achieve greater results for yourself and others.


Interview with Kristen

Q-What kind of services, a client can receive from you?  

A-From my experiences and testing I have scored rather highly in Clairvoyance, Precognitive Dreaming, Clairsentience; yet I do very well in Clairaudient, Intuition and Mediumship. I have 20 years of Tarot experience, offer house cleansing and blessings (depending on location), spell and ritual work with Wiccan Witchcraft, Shamanism, and spiritual advice.

Q-How long it would take before a client gets results?  

A-In readings the client will get the information I am receiving and interpreting immediately; it is up to the client to take in the information and process it into the result that they want to come from it. So lets say I do a reading and they ask about the lover who can't commit; I receive the information and inform them that there lover is not ready to commit to this relationship due to the fact they may be in fear or concern of what their family may think. My advice for the client is to abandon the relationship; now, if the client takes the information and uses it they would see results instantly. But if they stay with the lover hoping for a different outcome then the client has delayed "the results."  The only time it might take a day or two for results is if I am asked to do a cleaning, blessing, or spell due to scheduling, location or planetary phases. Precognitive Dreaming is something I enjoy but it can require at least 3 days to get the information, then interpret it.

Q-What is the success ratio or percentage of your success in your practice?

A-Is it documented? When I receive intuitive information of any form I journal it for review later. I would say my success ratio is 95% percent; at that is 5% is left up to the Universe's involvement and once again the client's initiate into the situation.

 Q-Have you ever developed a long lasting friendly rapport with your clients? Do you have repeated-customers? 

A- I really haven't read professionally till now due to the fact I wanted to tune my skills over the last two years. But I did work with other students in classes and astonished them as well as the teacher with the information I would receive. I practiced on friends often and gave them the insight I would see then see all of it coming to light over the course of time. Also I read for my mother (she lives across the country) often and I would deliver her the amazing information that literally astonished us both and boggle our minds. My friends and my mother always come to me when they have a question or concern and need more insight. So I guess that would make them a repeat client if I was charging them.

 Q-How much do you charge for your services? 

A-That depends on the service I am providing and the time as well as the supplies if needed. Also I want to make this clear, I live by the Wiccan Rede/Law of Karma; this meaning I don't say you have a curse and I need 1000.00 dollars to break it. First off this is unethical on many forms, secondly the return of Karma to me would be three times the devastation making it pointless to achieve, and thirdly my spirit is well aware that money is not the most valuable commodity in the world; it is time and my health. Besides my mother raised me better than that.

Q-What is the most unique experience or event you have encountered?  

A-That's a tough one, I would say the two times I astral projected were pretty intense. One was when my mother asked for information about a relative, then I paused, suddenly a vision came to me about some of my fathers hunting dogs. I asked her if one of my father's dogs was expecting puppies, she answered not that they were aware of. Two days later she sent me a text message stating that my father discovered one of his females was indeed pregnant.  Another one was when we had two deaths in the family and I received a strong message to clear and bless my parent's home. One of the people who died committed suicide and had harsh feelings toward family members including my parents. So like any loving family member would do for another I cleared the house and blessed every room to a of state peace. Within a week a relative that was visiting had a dream about the person who passed. In the dream she asked for closure to know why she felt she needed to commit this act. She was then awakened by a tapping on the gun cabinet that was across the room from the bed which she had been sleeping in. With the tapping waking her from her dream she decided to step outside for fresh air and a cigarette to discover a dark entity leap from the room and onto the ground. She returned inside quickly and locked the door to hear loud stomping noises coming from the roof top of the house. In conclusion, with all the rooms blessed the only thing that was missed was the attic and roof above, where the stomping noise was coming from. Also a gun was used in the suicide so that explained the tapping coming from the gun cabinet. So the spirit could not get in the house to wreck havoc on my family members. My mother contacted members on the spirit's other side of the family and questioned if they had any incidents. Surely enough they had the entity making appearances to certain family members often.

 Q-What is the best way to reach you?

A-I like to use the phone when I read for someone or even better in person. I feel the voice contact over the phone heightens my other psychic senses. Email is also another way I can be contacted with a question about a reading, blessing, spell, etc.