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Going Back in Times and Revisiting Your Past Life, by Maximillien de Lafayette, Excerpt from His book: "How to Become an Enlightened Psychic, Medium and Metaphysical Master."

La-abrida. Also referred to as “Bzi’ra-irdu”

Projecting and interpreting sequences and passages from an individual’s life in one particular dimension; one space-time sphere at the time. Is it a tool to go back in time or jump into the future?

1. Definition and introduction:

A rectangular glass table, that resonates, when metallic cards are placed on its surface.

  • The word “glass” is hereby used for lack of proper terminology. The material is transparent like glass, but the substance is very different, and cannot be described, using our Earth’s vocabularies.
  • The “metallic cards” represent thin and encoded boards. The word “metallic” is hereby used, for lack of proper terminology.
  • Each card contains sequences of numbers and dots, perforated on one side of each card.
  • Misinformed researchers nicknamed the cards “Galactic Tarot”. It is incorrect.
  • The cards project and interpret sequences and passages from an individual’s life in one particular dimension; one space-time sphere at the time.
  • Duplicate, and/or multiple projections of different lives in different dimensions are also possible.
  •  However, the projection of any of a person’s multiple lives existing in separate universes has no bearing or any effect on the current existence in the third dimension.
  • Alteration of past events in a different dimension does not categorically alter current events in the third dimension.
  • However, the results and direct consequences of such alteration could and would change the course of life, and events to occur in the present and the near future of an individual, if the person’s “Conduit” (Brain cell Conduit) is activated.
  • On Earth, a person could be an illustrious writer, while in a second or a parallel dimension; the very same person is totally illiterate. People live different lives in different dimensions. 
  • On Earth, a person for instance is a distinguished judge, while in another dimension; the very same person is an outlaw. 
  • Removing, altering and/or erasing a crime committed by a person in another dimension does not categorically “clean”, and/or delete the “Galactic Record” of that person on the “Conscience-Cosmic-Net”. That person is still held liable for his/her action, and will be punished for his/her crime.
  • For instance, on Earth (Third dimension), you are 40 year old, while in the same time, you could be 60 year old, or not even born, in another dimension (Universe).
  • In some dimensions, Alexander the Great is still on his way to ancient Persia, and Jesus is not yet crucified.
  • The sequences constitute the code.
  • The code is the key to a wide variety of information and data about individuals.
  • In other words, each card could be interpreted as a microchip.
  • The microchip stores every single event (Past, present and future) in the life of a person, including, duplications of similar or different occurrences on other planes.
  • “Other planes” mean a separate form of existence in a parallel dimension.
  • “Resonate” means responding to the placement of the card upon the surface of the glass table.
  • “Responding” means, reading and/or deciphering the code (Key to information) of the data and information stored in each card.

2. Synopsis of mode of operation:

  • La abrida “Bzi’ra-irdu”, functions like “Miraya”, “Minzar”, and “Mnaizar”.
  • However, the use of the La-abrida is limited to reading past, present, and future events in the life of one single person.
  • When a card is placed on the top of the glass table, the card changes properties, shape and form.
  • The “metallic” structural substance of the card becomes translucent, and merges with the glass surface.
  • To the naked eye, it appears as if the card was totally absorbed by the glass surface. However, the size of the card remains intact.
  • The shape of the card becomes circular, but retains its original size, meaning, each card occupies the same space, before the shape was changed.
  • Thus, the form of the card becomes either circular or conical.
  • Almost instantly, conic pages open up on the glass surface of the table. Usually, three to four pages, aligned horizontally.
  • Each page has a distinct color, ranging from light green to almost transparent blue.
  • Words, geometric symbols, dots, and numbers appear on each page. They are the data and information pertaining to the “existence” of one person in multiple spheres (Separate existences in multiple life-form universes.)
  • This means, that individuals (Humans and animals alike) do live separately and independently as 4 distinct living persons in 4 distinct dimensions, or more.
  • Contemporary quantum physics theorists totally accept this reality. Many books and articles discussed this incomprehensible phenomenon.
  • The multiple and separate existences (In our case, 4) are called in quantum physics membranes, or simply branes.
  • Each membrane represents a separate world, called dimension in contemporary quantum physics. In other words, that dimension refers to “another universe”.
  • So far, quantum physics theorists have accepted the notion that, there are 11 dimensions in our universe.
  • On the glass surface of the La abrida “Bzi’ra-irdu”, the adept will be able to see (In miniature) four different dimensions.
  • Each one of them, containing a duplicate (Identical or totally different) of himself or herself, his or her total life, habitat, physical appearance, preoccupations, and environment.
  • In other words, the adept is watching simultaneously his/her other four existences/lives in four separate universes.
  • And this concept has become a major part of the modern study and research of cosmology, and quantum physics, usually discussed under various theories, such as the “Multiverse”, the “M Theory”, the “String Theory”, the “Membranes Theory,” so on.

3. The beginning of everything: Multiple existences and “God’s Particle”.

Ulema Haroon Bakri bin Rached Al Ansari, and Ulema Mordechai ben Zvi provided the following explanation. Herewith reproduced verbatim, word for word, and unedited. Taken from their Kira’at (Readings), Kiramat Ketab (Book of the good deeds), Hadith (Speech; dialogue) and Rou’ya (Visions; insight):

  • Time is not linear. Thus, the landscape of so called time and space is not the same in other worlds.
  • In multiple universes, the past, the present, and the future are all contained in one particle.
  • This particle is the “Cell of Everything”.
  • This means, everything that has existed before, and shall exist afterward. It is the origin of the creation.
  • The particle is the beginning of everything that is everlasting. Quantum physics theorists call this cell or particle the “God’s Particle”.
  • In this cell, you will find all the “Bubbles” (Term used by modern cosmologists) that collided together to create all the universes, galaxies, and planets in the cosmos.
  • Who created the God’s Particle?
  • Who created the universe?
  • Who created time?
  • Who created “God”?
  • Is there one single Creator who created everything in the universe, including humans and non-humans?
  • The God’s particle was at the beginning of everything. And everything was not in existence. Thus, before the particle, time did not exist, space did not exist, the past did not exist, the future did not exist, humans did not exist, and religions did not exist; in brief nothing existed.
  • The Universe was not created by one single creator. The universe was not created by a “Big Bang.”
  • The universe emerged from itself, from within.
  • And when, the nothingness of existence of all forms and substances suddenly collided with itself, the whole universe exploded into billions and billions of stars, galaxies, planets, and layers of dimensions.
  • In some universes, the coagulation of time with the landscape of space created time.
  • When time was created by the collision of universes (Bubbles), galaxies and universes took shape and place in the cosmos.
  • On some planets, and in some galaxies, photosynthesis, metabolism, followed by micro-biological evolution created multiple life-forms everywhere.
  • Some of these life-forms produced all kinds and shapes of organic and botanic substances, stones, mountains, gases, waters, atmospheres, and in other dimensions, different intelligent life forms were created.
  • We call this intelligent life-form “Kir-Ra-Ibra”, meaning the faculty of reasoning and creating.
  • The primordial intelligent life-form belonged to very advanced galactic races inhabiting billions of stars and planets.
  • Billions of years later, the human race was genetically created by some of these very advanced intelligent life-forms, such as the Anunnaki, Igigi, and Lyrans.
  • When pre-humans, proto-humans, and quasi-human began to populate the Earth, time did not exist at that point in history.
  • Later, much later, when the Lyrans, Igigi, and the Anunnaki commenced to experiment with the archaic human species (They were 47 different categories), they installed in the brain of the human beings, some form of intelligence.
  • Some early humans were fortunate to receive the “Conduit”, the invisible cell in the brain that produces all sorts of human activities and thoughts.
  • When the early human beings began to reason, the notion of time was conceived.
  • Thus, “Time” became the invention of humans.
  • Time exists on Earth, not on other dimensions.

4. La-abrida “Bzi’ra-irdu”: Is it a tool to go back in time or jump into the future?

Is it physical or ethereal? No. Because, if you want to go back in time, and/or visit the future, you have to depart from this dimension (Earth), where you currently live.

  • Once, you are outside the perimeter of the third dimension (Earth), time bends on itself.
  • Space bends on itself.
  • And you are caught in the middle.
  • However, you can escape this dilemma, and realign yourself, following the cadence/rhythm of all dimensions beyond the third one.
  • How, will you accomplish this? We will elaborate on this, when we study the “Parallel Synchronization.”
  • Since time does not exist, the enlightened ones (Many of you are enlightened) will be able to watch themselves living separately in different worlds.
  • This is what La abrida “Bzi’ra-irdu” does.
  • It allows you to “see” not to revisit the past or jump into the future, unless your “Conduit” is fully activated.
  • Once you are outside the physical realm (Earth), you immediately connect with the beginning of everything in the universe.
  • You become part of “God’s Particle.”
  • However, and as we have explained before, revisiting the so-called past is possible if you use the Gomatirach Minzari.
  • But bear in mind, you are not visiting, but transposing yourself, unless your “Conduit” is fully activated.

5. Can I use the “La-abrida” to ameliorate my life, and change my destiny? “Yes,” said Ulema Kanazawa. He added, verbatim: “However, you cannot alter the laws of cause and effect; something similar to what you call Karma, but in reality, it is quite different from Karma, because there is no place for reincarnation in the world of the Anunnaki. There are  norms that remain universal wherever you go, although they are norms per se, but not necessary cosmic laws.

  • On Earth, you are accountable for all your actions.
  • The same applies in all the dimensions, realms, and spheres of time, and space.
  • However, in a different form of existence, or dimension, the nature and understanding of certain moral and ethical laws might change considerably.
  • Such change has a paramount effect on the level of enlightenment and happiness you wish to reach.
  • On Earth, we have what we call the human law, the natural law, and dogma establishing acceptable behavior in societies and communities.
  • These laws quite often change in virtue of our understanding of what is right, and what is wrong. They also change, as time changes, as our form of government changes, as a majority’s power and influence change, regionally and nationally.
  • Nothing is truthfully permanent on Earth.
  • In the galactic perimeter of advanced and “spiritual” communities, values do not change. They are permanent and universal, and they govern the general conduct of life-forms and intelligent entities, in the entire universe.
  • If you enter a particular dimension, far away from Earth, or too close to Earth, you might encounter social rules that are in sharp contrast with laws on Earth.
  • This could confuse your mind, and prevent you from understanding and/or recognizing what is right, and what is wrong.
  • If this should happen to you, you will not be able to ameliorate your life, and change your destiny, when you return to Earth, and/or to the present.
  • Something else you should take into consideration.
  •  What kind of destiny, success, happiness, prosperity and advancement are you talking about?
  • Are they those your are aiming at, upon returning to Earth, or those you are seeking after death? Or, possibly those that exist in a dimension close to Earth?
  • The Anunnaki-Ulema can simultaneously live in two or three different dimensions, and coordinate their actions via the “Conduit”.
  • We call this, the “Universal Conduit”.
  • Humans have not yet reached a level of morality and “spirituality” that allows them to live and relive in separate dimensions at the same time.
  • Although, some humans might be invited to visit another dimension and acquire a great deal of knowledge, wisdom, and even supernatural powers, upon their return to Earth, they will instantly forget whatever they have learned, heard and seen, unless they are spiritually developed, and guided by the enlightened ones.
  • Thus, in order to ameliorate you destiny, prosper in your endeavors, and preserve a good health, you must be able to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, at a galactic level.
  • You must become acquainted with the universal truth; the galactic harmony of things.
  • Truth in the “outer cosmos” is quite different from the truth you find on Earth.
  • Only your activated “Conduit” will allow you to do so.
  • There also certain measures and requirements you must consider and comply with, before you leave Earth and enter another dimension, and/or time-space sphere.
  • For instance, selecting the correct time to revisit the past, and/or another dimension is paramount.
  • What “Ba’ab” (Door or entrance to the other world) shall you enter?
  • How shall you adapt, correct or adjust your vision in a new dimension?
  • How would you differentiate between an astral travel, imagination, fantasy of your mind, and reality?
  • Even in highly developed dimensions, and in many different time/space spheres, you will encounter fantasy, tricks of the mind, hallucinations, and fake apparitions.
  • Many of the other dimensions (Plans) and time-space spheres are similar to Earth, even though the structural composition and their properties are enormously different.
  • All these encounters, images and feelings will prevent your mind from understanding what you are seeing. You will be totally confused.
  • For example, and let’s assume for now, that you have managed to go back in time, and visit with people and societies from the 18th century.
  • First, how would you know, that the people you will see there are indeed from the 18th century, and not people just like you, visiting the past for the first time?
  • Second, how would you guide yourself, direct yourself, and reach your destination, without getting lost?
  • Bear in mind, that in a different dimension, you will not have enough time to find your way around, if you don’t have the map of the afterlife, and parallel dimensions.
  • Third, you will not be able to last long over there, because your mind and your body will run out of energy.
  • Besides, do you know how to charge and/or recharge yourself?
  • You will be facing incomprehensible situations similar to ectoplasmic apparitions.
  • Quite often, these ectoplasmic apparitions/projections (Complete or partial) dissipate because the entity has rapidly consumed its “apparition and manifestation energy.”
  • Once you have completed your orientation program, and the master has activated your “Conduit”, your trip to the past or to another dimension will be successful and very beneficial.

6. Revisiting your childhood in another dimension, in another time: Is it possible? Yes! I will try to explain this possibility in the following Kira’at.

  • Copy of your childhood is still real and vivid in another dimension.
  • This image is still there. It is your image when you were a child.
  • It is physical and real.
  • Even the toys and candies you loved are still there, and they are real too.
  • You can even touch those toys and play with them if you want.
  • You can grab your favorite candies from the jar and eat one.
  • Everything you see and taste is real.
  • You are not hallucinating, and your mind is not playing tricks on you.
  • How can you be so sure?
  • It is simple, and very convincing, because upon meeting people you knew while you were child, you will be able to tell them how did they live and what they did when they were young like you, in the same town, around the same corner, and even describe to them the kind of games you played with them in the streets, in the school yard, and on the streets sidewalks.
  • You will be able to tell them what they did on that particular Sunday day, after the church service.
  • But you will see it and enjoy it only once, because you might not be able to return once again to that dimension.
  • Sometime, it is so easy to enter the extra-dimension of your youth, without training.
  • Sometime, it happens, just like that, because you have escaped the gravity of time on Earth.
  • It is a sudden opening into your past.
  • A past you have lived here on Earth, and was duplicated somewhere else.
  • Now, you are revising that “somewhere else”, and nobody is going to recognize it, except you.
  • You will recognize all the people you will be seeing and meeting in that “somewhere elsewhere” dimension. But, they will not recognize you.
  • Even though, you give them very particular and personal details about their lives, their habits, the place where they grew up, the name of that school teacher they like, of that math teacher they hated.
  •  Still, they will not believe that you are the one you claim or pretend to be; a friend from their youth, a real friend from your past, or their past; a past you really shared with them.
  • But remember, there is always one person who will believe you. And he is always around you.
  • Perhaps, it is the other copy of yourself, or your guardian angel?
  • You will have the chance to meet that “other copy of yourself” in some other time, and somewhere else…in another dimension.
  • The name of the store you are revisiting now in that dimension has not changed. Perhaps, only the name of the proprietor did.
  • Because the former owner was already too old, and he passed away some twenty years ago.
  • You used to come to that store, sit on the stool, and talk to Mr. Ted, the old owner of the store.
  • “Mr. Ted passed away long time ago,” will tell you the man standing behind the counter in the store.
  • But the truth is, Mr. Ted is somewhere else now, exactly as you are somewhere else, in other dimension.
  • Something very strange will happen to you in that dimension. You could see yourself as a child riding that beautiful old carousel. Or perhaps chasing an old car.
  • Those images are real. Because you will recognize them in their most intimate details.
  • Some other people will agree with you when you describe to them the carousel you loved, the kind of cars people drove in that small town, and the name of those teachers you have mentioned.
  • Yet, they will never believe you when you tell them, that you grew up here, how you used to chase that old Impala Chevrolet of Mr. Evans, and those treasured comics books you bought from Mrs. Adams, who used to own the little bookstore around the corner.
  • It is up to you to believe what you are seeing or to totally reject it.
  • But if you reject it, you will never be able to revisit your youth, and other worlds, small towns, and cities you lived in before.
  • You begin to ask yourself, how did you get there? How did you get here in the other dimension?
  • You start to question your sanity.
  • But you know deep down, you are not dreaming, and you are not hallucinating, because the people you see are real, and they walk and they talk like real people.
  • Only their hairdo has changed, the fashion of their clothes is old, old enough to send you back in time.
  • The cars you see are old too, they are 1930’s model.
  • And the calligraphy style of the names of the shops on windows and doors is old too.
  • So what are you going to do in that strange place?
  • You put your hands in your pockets, and you will find dimes and nickels. Because that was all what you needed to buy an ice cream or a candy.
  • Then you begin to wonder why people do not believe you.
  • You have told them true stories about people they knew, stories about you and your parents, and about everything you saw and you did when you were a child in that town.
  • It is very likely, you will meet your parents before they were married.
  • You will recognize your mother, or at least your mother to be.
  • You call her by her name, her maiden name and her married name. You will scare her, and she will think you are insane.
  • How would you or could you convince her you are her child?
  • How would you convince her that she was the mother who fed you, who clothed you and took you to the movie house “Rex” with your sisters, and kept on telling you to keep quiet while watching the movie, because you talked too much.
  • You tell her all this, yet, she will not believe you.
  • But just before you leave her, she feels something she can’t explain.
  • These encounters and deja vu experiences happened to many people before.
  • If you anchor them in your mind, in your “Conduit”, you will be able to return and visit with them once again, but it will happen in a different dimension.
  • A dimension, where your mother is no longer your mother, but possibly your date, or just another woman?
  • Confusing? You bet.
  • But this is what constitutes the fabric of time and space in other dimensions. A time and a space that cease to exist in that dimension.
  • A dimension not very far from where you currently live.

7. The invisible quantum line dividing two space-time dimensions: The Honorable Anunnaki-Ulema Master said:

  • The invisible thin quantum line dividing two times capsules, both located on the same plane, is usually the outer limit of two dimensions.
  • These two time-space dimensions are usually found in isolated areas, such as distant valleys, fields, and spots on Earth, rarely visited by the public.
  • The two time-capsules represent two different time intervals and all past events that occurred separately in each one of them.
  • Even sounds from past eras can be heard separately, coming from each one of them.
  • You can’t see the diving line. It is not visible to the naked eye.
  • If you cross that line, you leave the time you are living in, and you enter a different time-space.
  • This is the time and space where you can change the past, but rarely does it happen, unless in previous times, you were part of the past, and/or have witnessed these events from the past.
  • For instance, you are in 1974, on one time-capsule section of the land (Field, desert, spot).
  • You cross the line separating 1974 and another year, perhaps hundreds of years. You cross the line and you enter another time without knowing it.
  • Once in, you become part of the past, and a real person from the past.
  • You are as real as all the physical things you see before your eyes.
  • The events or scenes you will see are usually memorable, meaningful, historical, or important events known to you. You are very familiar with what you are currently seeing.
  • They appear from nowhere, and since you have become part of the past, these events become factual.
  • Part of your mind will tell you that you know a lot about these events, because you have read about these events, but you can’t remember where and when.
  • Another part of your mind convinces you that you are seeing the true events as they have happened, or you are seeing the events for the first time.
  • This is a moment of confusion for you. But eventually you will sort it out.
  • Is it a mirage? A hallucination? A fantasy? Or the real thing? Well, if you have stepped in the true time-capsule  sphere, then, what you are seeing is real, and what you are feeling is not psychosomatic but truly physical.
  • Many people have reported that some of their friends have vanished walking this dividing line. And the missing persons were never found, because they have entered another dimension, never to return again.
  • In the Anunnaki’s “Donia” (Spheres; world), there is no hallucination, coincidence, fantasy, or psychosomatic effects. Everything is tested and real.
  • If for some reasons, the “Ba’ab” (Door; stargate) of time-space opens up before you, and you were instantly transported or absorbed into its dimension, you instantly become an inseparable part of that dimension.
  • You will relive the events and time of that dimension.
  • If at the time, when you were transported, a battle was going on, you become one of those men who are fighting in this battle. Each scene that appears before your eyes will blend you in its fabric and time-reality, and you will not be able to escape its boundaries.
  • How real are these events? They are real 100%.
  • Are you really seeing a real battle? Affirmative.
  • What if for some reasons you took part in this battle, is there a possibility that you could get killed? Really killed? Absolutely.
  • Because in that dimension, you are not a spectator, or a visitor, but a real person transposed and transported to a real battle field.
  • It is hard, even impossible for humans to understand this mystery. But it is happening for real in another dimension.
  • Yes, you could die in that dimension, but you are still alive in another one, because all of us live simultaneously in different dimensions.
  • Probably now you are asking whether the person who died in that battle is in fact the same person who is still alive in 1978 or 1979 or even in the future.
  • And my answer is yes. You are all these persons in all these capsule-time spheres.
  • You are the same person, but the properties of your body are different, as dictated by each dimension respectively.
  • Another time-scene might open before you, for example, an old city market or bazaar. The shoppers, the stores, the goods, and everything you see is real.
  • You look at yourself and you realize that you are wearing clothes of the era. Yet, part of your mind that has retained space-time memory will tell you that you are living real events and real time, but you are just visiting another time and space in history.
  • Then, if this is the scenario, can you go back to where you came from? Yes, you can.
  • One way to do it is by using the Gomatirach-minzari, and similar techniques.

(Note: See Gomatirach-minzari, on page 83 in the book “Ramadosh Book; 13 Anunnaki-Ulema Mind Power Techniques to Live Longer, Happier, Healthier, Wealthier.)

 8: Q&A: At the Maa’had, a young student asked: “Is it possible to bring with me, something from that dimension I have visited, so when I tell my friends about it they would believe me?” Of course we can, all of us. And this is how many ancient artifacts were brought back to the present. Some ended in the basements of museums, others dissipated in the doubtful minds of humans who could live only once.” Another young student asked: “You told us that sometimes, we enter a different dimension without knowing how to do it.  You said, it happens just like that. Why? And if this happens just like that, then our “Conduit” does not need to be activated to visit other worlds?” The perplexed student paused for a short moment, and asked again: “When we get there, do we go to different levels in the same dimension, or is it one single dimension we see all the time? And how many different worlds can we visit in a single trip to the past or to other dimensions?”

Here are my answers:

  • Everything depends on how your brain is wired.
  • If your “Conduit” has been activated, then, you will know and understand what is happening to you, and all the things you will see in the other world(s) will be assimilated gradually by your brain.
  • To understand what it is actually happening there, and how you got there, you have to visualize your mind as a tall building with many floors.
  • Inside the building, there is an elevator that goes all the way to the highest floor.
  • There is only one single elevator for all the people who enter the building.
  • Each floor represents one layer of that dimension (The other world).
  • This does not mean that the dimension you have entered has sub-divisions or additional dimensions. Simply put, the dimension is divided into multiple spheres, called layers. Each sphere gathers different kinds of people, eras, knowledge, events, memories, sensations, cars, shops, streets, so on.
  • One floor could be the past universe and past time of the 18th century. Another floor could be the 12th century. And another floor could be the future.
  • But for now, do not worry about all these centuries and the future.
  • Instead, let’s go back to the place on Earth, from which you entered another dimension.
  • There are two kinds of entrances to another world.
  • The first one occurs through the activation of your “Conduit”. And you know already how this happens.
  • The second kind of entrance to another world is the accidental one, which is the current situation you are in.
  • Usually, the coincidental or accidental entrance to another world occurs from spots and areas on Earth, that are not heavily visited or frequented.
  • So, let’s assume that you are in a distant field, a valley, a prairie, whatever. And you are just walking in that field.
  • For reasons, your mind cannot understand yet, time-space pockets open up before you.
  • Some scientists call these pockets vortices.
  • In our Ana’kh language, we call them “Ba’abs” (Doors, entrances, time tunnels, etc.)
  • When the “Ba’ab” accidentally opens up, a huge but narrow tunnel appears before you.
  • This tunnel takes the form of a spiral-wind; a sort of an atmospheric turbulence.
  • You will see it.
  • You will feel its electro-magnetic field, and before you know it, you are sucked up by its current.
  • Once inside the tunnel, your will start to feel as if your body is shrinking.
  • Sometime, just the opposite.
  • You will feel as if your body is stretching out intensely.
  • Everything depends on the intensity of the tunnel’s vacuum power. In all cases, you will be transported immediately, to another dimension that resembles the building I told you about before.
  • The vacuum power, the tunnel’s magnetic field, and the opening of the “Ba’ab”, all these phenomena are caused by atmospheric anomalies conditioned and created by the collision of time-space plates.
  • For now, consider these time-space plates as the tectonic plates of the  Earth, that have caused the Earth to shift so many  times  throughout the centuries, and to change the superficies, shapes,  and locations of continents, oceans, mountains, so on.
  • The time-space plates, although invisible to the naked eye, exist at the entrance and borders of all dimensions existing in the universe.
  • You can consider them as the landmark(s) of multiple universes.
  • When the plates collide, or bump into each other, a time/space-vacuum tunnel opens up immediately.
  • In this very particular time/space-vacuum tunnel, all things, physical and non-physical lose their original and primordial properties.
  • This means, that your body entering this vacuum is no longer the same body you had on Earth.
  • The molecules change.
  • Your Nahpsiya (DNA in modern scientific language) is altered.
  • The weight and size of your body change instantly.
  • In brief, what you retain in you, is only a spatial memory, a sort of a small recollection of things and events that happened to you on Earth.
  • Now, you are inside the tunnel.
  • Your body zooms inside the tunnel at the speed of light.
  • This incomprehensible speed allows you to travel to the edge of the universe. And this travel includes all the dimensions and other worlds that have existed and/or shall exist in the future.
  • You might land in a world that has existed in the past. Once you land there, you will not be able to understand everything you see. But you will realize very clearly, that you are now in a different and a real world.
  • Now, we go back to the tall building I told you about before.
  • It is very important to remember that building, because we are going to use it as a representation of the other world you are facing now.
  • Very good. Now you are right in front of the tall building.
  • If you stay in the street, outside the building, you will see only one dimension.
  • This dimension could be Egypt in the 3rd century B.C., or Paris in the 18th century. It does not matter.
  • Now, you decide to enter the building. You go straight to the elevator and you push the second floor button.
  • Very good. The door of the elevator opens up, you step out, and you enter the second floor.
  • Although this second floor is still in the same building, the time-space has changed.
  • This means, that you are entering another era, another century of Egypt or Paris.
  • The place (Country, in this case) does not change.
  • You are still in Egypt or in Paris, depending where you have landed first. Egypt is still Egypt. And Paris is still Paris. But the time (Century, in this case) has changed.
  • You will get used to it, when you progress in your study.
  • Let’s assume that you have decided now to take the elevator to the 1oth floor.
  • What are you going to see on the 1oth floor?
  • Certainly, neither Egypt or Paris, or anything else you saw on other floors. It is going to be another country.
  • What is happening here is this:
  • You are not entering a dimension that represents other worlds from outer space, or beyond the solar system, or beyond the metaphysical world. You are still on Earth, but in different time-space intervals, eras, centuries, and possibly locations that no longer exist.
  • This is exactly what the building represents.
  • And this is exactly what we call “going back in time.”

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