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The Astral Body “Your Double”, by Maximillien de Lafayette, Excerpt from His book: "How to Become an Enlightened Psychic, Medium and Metaphysical Master."

How your “Double” can affect your life, success and development

 I. Introduction: The “Double” is a western term used to represent your other body that exists in the astral dimension. The “other body” is a replica of your physical body. The truth is, your physical body is a “physical projection” and a replica of your original body that existed before you were born. It is not so easy to explain this notion using ordinary words. Ulema teachers have their own terminology, but I will try to simplify the matter as much as I can. If you were born in the West, and you have developed an interest in spiritual subjects, you probably have already read about the astral body. In the United States of America, there is an immense interest in the occult, metaphysics and Eastern religions. Consequently, a vast literature on the subject is available to the readers. But for some reason, the nature and attributes of “Astral Double” were described very differently from the way spiritualists and Ulema described them in their Eastern teachings, readings (Kira’at), and manuscripts. To add more inaccuracy, the Western writers put on their own spin.

II. Explaining the concept: Before you were born, and before your body took shape, YOU (as a human being) have existed somewhere as an idea. What is this idea? I will give you an example: Before a product is mass produced, inventors and artists design and create a model or a prototype of each product. And everything begins with the drawing board. On this board, shape, form, dimensions, colors and specifications of the product are defined and illustrated. It started with an idea. The idea became a project and the project found its existence on the drawing board. In fact, everything in life started with an idea, continued with a sketch before it reached its final form, and eventually the market. Your physical body is a perfect product. And this product came from an idea like everything that has been created. Nothing comes from nothing. Who came up with this idea? This depends on your religious beliefs. If you believe in the Judeo-Christian tradition, then, your God is the originator of this idea. He created the first draft of your physical body on his drawing board. Most certainly, God had to think about how your body should look like. On the Judeo-Christian drawing board of the creation of mankind, God decided how the physical body should come to life. You are much more important than a commercial product or a commodity like a car, or a soda bottle. The designers, artists and engineers at the automobile factory and plant spent many hours designing the model of the car, and the manufacturers of the soda bottle spent some good time going through various designs of the shapes and looks of bottles before they chose the most suitable design for their product. Now, if you think that you are more important than a car or a bottle, then, it is logical to assume that somebody has spent some time designing you, otherwise, you will surface as a non-studied and not well-researched product. If you look at your body very carefully, you will find out that your body is an extremely complicated machine and your brain consists of a very intricate wiring system that requires an engineer or at least a first class designer. In summary, you did not come right away without a plan, without a well-thought design, and without an idea that created the design and execution of your physical body. At the very beginning and early stage of the creation of your physical body, the “Divine” or “Superior” architect-engineer conceived your physical looks as a picture in the astral world. And the astral world for now call it: The World of Ideas; a non-physical world. In a non-physical world, everything is non-physical, it is astral, it is ethereal. When the ethereal image or idea becomes reality and adopts physical properties like eyes, legs, feet and bones, this idea or your “prototype” becomes a physical body and enters the physical world via the womb of your mother. Yet, it remains deeply and directly connected to the draft of the first copy of your physical body. And since the first draft of your non-physical body and your recently acquired physical body (or about to be developed in the womb of your mother) are still connected to each other, both bodies (The Idea or Draft and your physical body) co-exist. The physical body is inside your mother, and the non-physical body called double or first body exists outside the physical world. So, the other copy, or more precisely the first copy OF YOU is called your “Double”. And where is this non-physical world? It is in the mind of your creator and on his/her drawing board.

 Question: Then what’s next? What is happening now to the two bodies; the physical and non-physical at the time we are conceived? Answer: As soon as you begin to develop as a small physical body (a small fetus) inside the womb of your mother, the idea or draft that created you before you entered the womb of your mother begins to feed your brain’s cells and program your intellect. In other words, your brain begins to receive all the information and characteristics that will create and define your personality, temper, character, persona and nature. During the very first 40 days, everything your “Creator” wanted you to be or become start to “go inside your brain” and in the physiology of your body. And during this very critical intellectual and physical formation, the other aspect of you, your Double, enters a dimension very close to your mother, and once your mother delivers you, your double, the non-physical body will leave the “surroundings” of your mother and follow you. From this moment, your Double will stay with you until you die.

Question: Does our double interact with us while we are small babies? Answer: Yes. It interacts with us in a most fascinating way, noticeable only to the “small child we are”, and not to the others. Many children have seen their double. And many of them spoke to their double, and played with their double. In many instances, children called their double “my friend”, or “a friend who came to visit me.” Unfortunately, many parents discouraged their small children from talking about their “imaginary friends”, or fantasizing about the visits of their unseen friends.” This is very common. Ulema children are encouraged to talk about their “imaginary friends”. These are very precious moments in our lives.

 Question: Why these moments are precious in our lives? Answer: Because during this stage, the infant and later on, the small child, has a direct access to his/her double. If the child is deprived from this contact, the Double could dissipate for ever. Of course, in the future, the Double might appear again on certain occasions. But, because we have lost touch with our Double, and we no longer remember the beautiful and friendly visits of our forgotten imaginary friends, our mind and common sense will automatically dismiss the sudden apparition of our Double as a reality. In these instances, people quite often say: “I am seeing things”, or “Am I hallucinating?” Therapists will rush so quickly to explain the phenomenon as a trick by the mind. It is not a trick at all. It just happened that your Double is paying you a visit. Instead of questioning your sanity, you must rejoice and welcome your “friend”. In fact, your Double is the most truthful, caring and best friend you ever had, simply because it is YOU! Your Double appeared to you for many reasons. Your “double” always watches over you. It cares about you.  Its presence is a sign of friendship, sometimes necessary and indispensable for solving your problems and finding a way to get out of trouble. You should welcome your Double and listen to.

 Question: Can we communicate with our “Astral Body”? Answer: The initiated ones can; it is a matter of learning, practice and patience. However, you have to remember, that the living cannot contact the dead. By reaching the sphere of your Double or Astral Body, you are reaching yourself, not a dead substance, a departed entity or a spirit. Untrained persons cannot contact their Double, but can be trained and taught by the Ulema. And the training has nothing to do with magic, spiritism or religious trances and state of ecstasy. It is purely mental, intellectual, and scientific. Here, we will be talking about two situations: First situation: Your Double materializes before you on its own. Second situation: You initiate the contact with your Double. Sometimes, the Astral Body materializes before you eyes, even though you did not try to contact it. This apparition has many meanings, and could be interpreted differently according to the circumstances. Sometimes, your Double appears to you to warn you against an imminent danger. Sometimes, to guide you in a moment of despair and difficulties. Some other times, when you “see yourself” as a fragile ectoplasmic thin substance like a fog for instance, your Double apparition is telling you, that a very important event is going to happen and it could change the course of your life. In rare instances, this apparition could mean that your days are numbered. Short after Lord Byron saw his Double he passed way.

When you initiate the contact with your Double: Now, you are trying to contact your Double. You initiate the contact. If you are not one of the enlightened persons, you would not know what to do, and where to start. Like everything in the universe, including speeches and lectures…everything begins with an introduction and ends with an epilogue. This is the right path. In contacting your Double, you must have an introduction that comes in the form of an entry or entrance into the “Al-Madkhal”.

 Al Madkhal is a state of mind that leads you toward the Ba’ab: In the Ulema vocabulary, Al Madkhal means verbatim: Entrance and/or where you step in. Ba’ab is a spatial place that exists around the physical dimension of our world. In the Anunnaki-Ulema vocabulary, Ba’ab means verbatim: Door. And from and through this door you enter the other dimension where your Astral Body (Your Double) exists. In the West, ufologists, and even space scientists nickname Ba’ab “Stargate”. It is not totally correct, because to them, stargate is a gate through which spaceships can travel through the infinity of space and conquer space-time, thus reducing the enormous distances between stars and planets, and reaching destinations in the universe at a speed greater than the speed of sound and light. For the Ulema, the Ba’ab can be used as a spatial stargate, and a mental means to reach the non-physical world as well; no spaceships are needed to communicate with your Double.

 Learning from our Double: The following is taken from a Kira’at by an Ulema, dialogues with students, and an honorable teacher’s answers to questions by novices.


Zooming into your Double and acquiring Anunnaki Ulema supernatural faculties


Question: A novice asked the teacher this question: What do we get from zooming into our Double?


·         The initiated and enlightened ones can zoom into their other bodies, and acquire Anunnaki’s supernatural faculties.

·         I have used the words supernatural faculties instead of supernatural powers, because the enlightened and initiated ones are peaceful, and do not use physical power, brutal force or any aggressive means to reach their objectives.

·         The use of violence against humans and animals, even aggressive thoughts and harmful intentions annihilate all chances to acquire Anunnaki’s extraordinary faculties.

·         Your Double can easily read your thoughts.

·         If your thoughts are malicious, your Double will prevent you from zooming yourself into its ethereal molecules. Therefore, you have to control your temper, remain calm, and show serenity in your thoughts, intentions and actions.

·         You Double is very delicate, even though it can accomplish the toughest missions and penetrate the thickest barriers. Any indication of violence or ill intention triggers a pulse that blocks your passage to the ethereal sphere of your Double.

·         Once you enter your Double, you will be able to use it in so many beautiful and effective ways as:

1-      A protective shield against danger,

2-      An effective apparatus to protect yourself in hostile and dangerous situations,

3-      A tool to develop your abilities to learn many languages, and enhance your artistic creativity,

4-      A stimulus to increase the capacity of your memory,

5-      Instrument to heal wounds and internal injuries. No, you will not become a surgeon, but you will be able to stop internal bleeding, and eliminate pain,

6-      A vehicle to visit distant places and even enter restricted areas for good causes. In brief, the possibilities are endless.

Once you are in a perfect harmony with your Double, and your physical organism is elevated to a higher vibrational level through your union with your Double, you will be able to walk through solid substances such as walls, sheets of glasses and metal. You become effective in controlling metal and de-fragmenting molecules of any substance. This will allow you to transmute, change and alter the properties of any object known to mankind. But if you use these supernatural faculties to hurt others, or for personal and selfish gain, you will loose them for good, and you will be accountable for such malicious use in the other dimension. And this could delay your entrance through the Ba’ab.

 III. On contacting the dead through your Double

Question: Can we contact our departed parents through our double? And is it dangerous to contact the dead?


·         1. No such contact is possible. However, few enlightened ones have succeeded in contacting the Mind of the deceased only during the first 40 days of the departure of the dead.

·         2. During the 40 days period, a contact could occur, if the deceased have not yet entered his Double.

·         3. Once the deceased has entered his Double, it becomes very difficult to sense the frequencies of the Mind.

·         4. It is very difficult but not impossible, especially if the deceased has a noble Mind, and that Mind either initiated a contact or was still on the perimeters of the physical and non physical dimensions.

·         5. Once the Mind enters the Fifth dimension, contacting the dead becomes impossibility.

·         6. The Anunnaki-Ulema are capable of contacting other Minds and non-physical entities in other dimensions, multiple universes, and parallel dimensions through the Miraya (Anunnaki cosmic monitor, also called mirror.)

·         7. A Double can contact another Double in the after-life, even if both of them live in different dimensions.

·         8. Sometimes, your Double tries to contact you while you are still alive. And because you are still alive on Earth, and your  Double exists in a non-physical dimension, the

contact occurs in many ways, forms and means. Poets call this contact inspiration. Psychics call it channeling. Spiritists call it communication with the dead. The truth is this:

·         a-No psychic, no spiritist, no living creature on this Earth can communicate with the dead.

·         b-You cannot command your Double to appear before you. Only the enlightened ones can.

·         c-Your Double can initiate a contact through telepathy, projection of thoughts, and ethereal apparition on smooth surfaces like mirror, glass, and limpid waters.

·         d-The Anunnaki can compose and de-compose the molecules and cells of the human body, and alter the first elements of your creation (In other words: DNA). This, allows them to project, materialize, teleport and duplicate so many Doubles, including yours.

·         e-When the Anunnaki created you, they have also created an original copy of yourself and stored it in their archives. This copy was stored and recorded as your blueprint.

·         f-The Anunnaki can project your blueprint on a holographic screen right before your eyes.

·         g-This projection allows you to see and read your past, present and future life illustrated in sequences.

·         h-Attempt to contact your Double could be harmful, if you are not initiated. It could cause:

·         (a) mental perturbation;

·         (b) psychological confusion;

·         (c) psychosomatic disequilibrium.

If you need help, email me at: delafayette6@aol.com