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Khateyn Tarika: You, Your Life, Your Success, the Parallel Lines, and the Spirits, by Maximillien de Lafayette, Excerpt from His book: "How to Become an Enlightened Psychic, Medium and Metaphysical Master."

  • I. Introduction
  • II. What is Khateyn Tarika?
  • III. Explaining the concept
  • a-Position and place of the two lines
  • b-The perfect alignment
  • c-The mixed-up alignment
  • d-The weak and blurry alignment
  • IV. Inside the two lines
  • V. You, your body, the bodies of others, entities and spirits, and Khateyn Tarika
  • a. Vis-à-vis your physical body zone
  • So, where is it?
  • Does it increase or decrease?
  • What causes the zone to shrink or extend?
  • Possessed by the spirits
  • Khateyn Tarika and levitation
  • Levitation: Not a sign of sainthood!
  • What should you do when you see your friend floating in the air?
  • Bisma Nour Rabbani wa kuwat al malaakout, inzal inzal, idbaroo ya fasidiin khalaakiyaat
  • Translation word for word
  • General meaning
  • Is this a typical spirits’ possession of the human body?
  • b. People entering your zone
  • What is Atmashabah?
  • c. Entities and spirits entering your zone
  • IV. Technique for cleansing and strengthening your Khateyn Tarika
  • How to use it?
  • Time and place
  • Preparation
  • The process: The technique

***   ***   ***

I. Introduction: If you are “Outside Khateyn Tarika”, you will never reach the top, in anything you do, no matter how happy, intelligent, influential, and rich you are.” The Sahiriin and Rouhaniyiin told us that every human being on Earth is lined up with two invisible lines that determine her/his balance and harmony with their immediate surroundings, as well as the size and strength of his/her luck in this physical world. Khateyn means: Two Lines. It is the plural of Khat, which means one line. They are invisible to the naked eye. The Rouhaniyiin nicknamed Khateyn “Tarik al Hayat”, meaning the road of life.  These two lines determine how healthy, successful and balanced you are or will be in your life. Tarika means a path, a road. It is usually linked to your present and future, with major impact on your health, love life and business. Khateyn Tarika is directly linked to your “Double”, astral body, your mind, spirits and entities who live here on Earth, and in other dimensions. All of us, big and small, lucky and unlucky, rich and poor, famous, infamous and unknown, are conditioned and influenced by Khateyn Tarika two invisible lines that exist either ahead of our body, behind it, or around it. And the position and placement of these two lines that we cannot see –unless we were taught how to find them– have a major impact on everything we do, and think about. Khateyn Tarika is one of the most important, mind-bending and powerful parts of Ilmu (Knowledge and wisdom), and the secret doctrine of the Allamah and Rouhaniyiin.  If you unlock its secrets, you will reach your full potential, and accomplish the impossible. Khateyn Tarika will put you on the right track, leading to spectacular success, power, harmony with your environment, and perfect health. The Honorable Master Khafaja Sudki Ghayali said verbatim: “If you are “Outside Khateyn Tarika”, you will never reach the top, in anything you do, no matter how happy, intelligent, influential, and rich you are.” The Sahiriin and Rouhaniyiin told us that every human being on Earth is lined up with two invisible lines that determine her/his balance and harmony with their immediate surroundings, as well as the size and strength of his/her luck in this physical world. Ironically, people sometimes say: “You are out of line” without knowing the real and original meaning of this phrase! Where did this expression come from? And what do they mean by “Out of”?  And what “Line” are they talking about? They don’t know. It is just a very common and popular expression that applies to some situations, and debates/discussions we are familiar with. The expression “Out of line” appeared for the first time as a “Magical metaphysical” Jimlah in the book “Ilmu Al Donia”, written centuries ago in Arabic and Persian. The first to use this expression were the Anunnaki-Ulema.

II. What is Khateyn Tarika? Pronounced: Kha (Like J in Jose in Spanish) Tayn Taa-Ree-Ka. Khateyn means: Two Lines. It is the plural of Khat, which means one line. They are invisible to the naked eye. The Rouhaniyiin nicknamed Khateyn “Tarik al Hayat”, meaning the road of life. These two lines determine how healthy, successful and balanced you are or will be in your life, in this physical dimension. More information on this topic will follow. Tarika means a path, a road. It is usually linked to your present and future, with major impact on your health, business, spirituality, physical strength, successes, and relationships. Khateyn Tarika is a very complex and sophisticated concept, difficult to understand or to accept, unless you are one of the “Illuminated Masters”, or the initiated ones (Students and adepts). But I will try to explain this concept as much as I can, in very simple language. Before I do that, I want to let you know that Khateyn Tarika is directly linked to your “Double”, astral body, your mind, your “Fik’r”, spirits and entities who live here on Earth, and in other dimensions.

 III. Explaining the Concept

a- Position and place of the two lines: All of us, big and small, lucky and unlucky, rich and poor, famous, infamous and unknown, are conditioned and influenced by two invisible etheric lines that exist either ahead of our body, behind it, or around it. And the position and placement of these two lines that we cannot see –unless we were taught how to find them– have a major impact on everything we do, and think about.

 b- The perfect alignment: If the two lines are aligned perfectly in parallel position to your body, your brain, or more precisely your intellect will produce magnificent deeds, and you will be able to accomplish things, people thought impossible. Not only that, but you will acquire astonishing speed that allows you to complete tasks, usually requiring much more time and effort. And in some instances, you will be capable of accomplishing multiple tasks, simultaneously, and in certain conditions, INSTANTLY!

 c- The mixed-up alignment: If the two lines are mixed up –meaning not aligned as two parallel lines on the right side and left side of your body, and/or situated behind you, or way ahead of you– your potentials will be limited, and your accomplishments will be minimal. Consequently, you will not flourish. Many people live, exist, and do things outside the lines. They work hard, long hours, they sweat, and yet, their efforts remain in vain. This failure is caused by the misalignment of the two lines. But there is a way to rectify the situation. In this section of the book, I will explain to you how to do it, and how to maintain a perfect alignment, both mentally and physically.

 d- The weak and blurry alignment: If the two lines are barely defined, your health will deteriorate rapidly, and your finances will crumble. You will fail miserably in your relationships and rapports with others, and all your resources will dry up.

 IV. Inside the two lines: Inside the two lines is the perfect place to be. This is the zone of very successful and healthy people. This zone is harmonious with your environment, and the multiple layers of everything that surrounds you. It is a magical and incomprehensible zone, full of surprises and possibilities. It is the zone of subatomic particles, the extension of your “Conduit”, the realm of your “Double”, and above all your true mental and bio-organic identity. It is also the zone of visions, apparitions, alternate realities, fantasy, meta-reality, metalogic, and your rendez-vous with entities and “presences”. The illuminated masters live and do things “between the lines.” They are never outside of the lines, or “out-of-line”. I hear you now telling yourself, “It is so confusing, all these words, dimensions, and bla-bla-bla words are Chinese to me…mumbo jumbo stuff…etc.” But that is not it. It is simply a new concept you are not yet familiar with. If you are patient, and if you give me the time to explain it to you, you will understand to a certain degree what I am talking about!

 V. You, your body, the bodies of others, entities and spirits, and Khateyn Tarika: For now, we are going to call Khateyn Tarika “The Zone”. To make you understand this concept, and to render your zone healthy and well-balanced, I have to explain to you 5 important factors, and which are:

a-Vis-à-vis your physical body’s zone.

  • People entering your zone.
  • Entities and spirits entering your zone.
  • Entering other people’s zone.
  • Adjusting your zone, meaning bringing equilibrium and awareness to your zone.

 b-Vis-à-vis your physical body’s zone:

Your body has two spaces. One, is the physical space that it occupies. Usually defined and limited by your height, size and weight. The other, is a space you don’t see. It is an extension of your physical body. This extension does exist, even though you are not aware of it.

 So, where is it? It starts from a quarter of a centimeter from your physical body and extends up to 5 feet, in some cases up to 6 feet, in front of your body, and encompasses a distance of 4 feet on both sides of your body (Left and right), and a distance of 4 feet behind your body. So we have here, 6 feet in front, 4 feet in the rear, and 4 feet to the left and right. This is your zone. This zone stays with you for the rest of your life. In this zone, you find your “Double”, your astral body, your “Space memory”, your aura, and your physical-non-physical emotions.

 Does it increase or decrease? Yes! It does! And everything depends on the place and position your body occupies between Khateyn Tarika (The two lines). You should keep your body well-aligned within these two lines. This means, that the two lines should always remain parallel to each other, straight as an arrow, and your body should be situated at an equal distance from each line, on the left and on the right.

 What causes the zone to shrink or extend? Shrinking or extending your zone is not healthy, mentally and physically. Evil thoughts, fear, envy, jealousy, hate, suspicions, greed, bad hygiene, worries about finances, trauma caused by losing a job, health problems, addiction to drugs, alcohol and similar substances jeopardize the stability of the two lines, disorient your body, and consequently push the two lines far away from your body. When these two lines are at a distance exceeding 6 feet ahead of you, they will instantly lose their parallel alignment. And when this happens, your body is no longer protected. Yes! The two lines are your shield. Once, they are no longer close to your body, all sorts of things will invade your zone. In other words, you have lost your mental-etheric-metaphysical immune system. This loss will automatically affect your brain, your “Conduit”, you creativity, and above all your judgment! The two lines are your invisible non-physical guardians. Once you lose your guardians, your non-physical body, which is a copy of your physical body, becomes a “Vagabond”, as stated by Allamah Mouhtaram Kemal Agha. He meant, that your body is on its own, and no longer guided by your brain. Your unprotected body will do ridiculous things, and in some situations, will expose you to imminent danger. For instance, your unprotected body will wake you up in the middle of the night, and make you walk in your sleep, in an erratic manner, and do things a rational person would not do. The problem with this situation, is the fact that you remain totally unaware of what is happening. In these situations you can hurt yourself. It is during this very stage, unwanted “presences” and entities will interfere to misguide you, to disorient you, and influence your subconscious mind, decisions, and actions. According to the Allamah and Rouhaniyiin, if these occurrences are frequent, your mind will fall prey to illusions and visions created by the entities. Some have called these mishaps, “Possessed by the evil spirits”, others have described these unpleasant incidents as “Being totally commanded by a sick and unbalanced Double.” Allamah Moukhtar Al Ansari said verbatim, “In some cases, the Double of other people manifests itself to add more confusion to your mind, and distract your body.”Personally, I have witnessed similar events. A friend of mine who slept overnight at my home, woke up around 2:00 in the morning, started to walk in his sleep all over the place, went to the  library bookcase, and began to arrange books on the shelves,  threw some on the floor, and ended up rolling one bottle of wine across the floor to the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle, emptied it in a matter of minutes, and hid it under the kitchen sink. A few seconds later, he started to scream and bounce in all directions. And then I heard him saying: “Go away…stay away from me. You hurt me enough! I am no longer a child!” Apparently, he was talking to the Double of his mother who manifested it’s presence as a holographic projection, in the form of a wicked woman dancing like an African witch outside his own Khateyn Tarika. This event happened twice before my own eyes. The very next day, my friend accused me of drinking the whole bottle of wine and hiding it under the kitchen sink!! Then, when I told him about the wicked woman who invaded his zone while he was sleep walking, he said: “Who was it? Was it my mother?” According to the Sahiriin psychics, my friend was lucky, because at that critical moment, no malevolent spirits invaded his Khateyn Tarika.

 Possessed by the Spirits: As long as you keep your two lines in harmony, and not far from your body, and as long as you maintain an anchored and well-balanced position of your body between the two lines, no spirit will ever invade your zone. And no entity will ever haunt you and/or manipulate your mind. According to Kitab Al Arwaah (The Book of Spirits), spirits, malevolent entities and unwanted Arwaah will never enter the bodies of human beings who have well-aligned Khateyn Tarika. It is only when they are out-of-line, that possession by entities becomes possible. When the two lines deviate, evil spirits invade your zone and take possession of your body and mental faculties. Many have killed while sleep-walking, and never realized what they have done. Psychiatrists and psychologists came up with all sorts of explanations, and suggested an avalanche of therapies and treatments, but unfortunately, as mental health records show, they remained in vain, and their elaborate explanations were never convincing. Some court records and transcripts tell of people who have committed crimes while sleep-walking, who were acquitted, because they were found temporarily insane, and thus not legally responsible for their actions. The Allamah see the situation quite differently. They contribute these frightening events to the “displacement” of Khateyn Tarika, which of course is ridiculed by scientists in the West, and the clergy. Yet, men of the cloth, publicly admit that evil spirits and the Devil could easily enter the human body, and possess all our faculties. And how do they deal with this situation? Exorcism. The Rouhaniyiin and Sahiriin think otherwise. In their opinion, only the re-alignment of Khateyn Tarika, will solve the problem, and expunge any malevolent exterior (External) intervention and possession.

 Khateyn Tarika and Levitation: Levitation: Not a sign of sainthood! Another disturbing aspect of the unbalanced Khateyn Tarika, is levitation. According to the Catholic Church, levitation is a sign of sainthood. The Sahiriin do not agree.  According to Kitab Al Arwaah (Book of Spirits) levitation during sleep-walking is strong evidence that the person is under the direct influence and control of entities. My friend who was walking in his sleep in my house is NO saint by all means, I can assure that! Yet, he was floating in the air and hovering over my furniture and nearby the top of my bookcase. HE IS NO SAINT!!  Simply, he was out-of-control, and “Out-of-line”. The Khateyn Tarika lines, that is.

 What should you do when you see your friend floating in the air in your house? Keep your eye on him. Do NOT touch him! Move sharp objects out of his path. Give him space. Keep a reasonable distance from him. And don’t try to converse with him, or ask him to land! It is worthless and useless, simply because he can’t hear you. He is on a different plane, in a different zone, far very far from where you are, even though a few feet separate you from him. He is in a state or a zone, some might amusingly call the twilight zone. In plain English, should we let him stay suspended in the air, or do something about it? And how about if he heads toward the windows or your balcony? Will you let him jump and dive? He would not jump, and he would not dive if you do not interfere or physically try to bring him down. Even though his eyes are closed (Usually), and he seems under the influence and guidance of a force or something you know nothing about, your friend is safe, unless he begins to spin like a carousel, shout, scream, or laugh in a very bizarre manner. In this case, follow these instructions (According to the Sahiriin and Rouhaniyiin), at your own risk. I am not responsible for your actions and decisions, should you decide to follow these instructions. As reported by adepts and seers, these instructions have proved to be useful. This is their opinion, and not necessarily mine. Their opinion is based upon their belief that any person who acts in this manner is in fact, under the strong control and manipulation of unpleasant forces and disturbing entities.

 Here they are:

  • Throw a blanket or a towel on floor, right below his feet.
  • Don’t say a word to him. Instead pronounce this and keep on repeating this phrase, until the levitation stops:

Bisma Nour Rabbani wa kuwat al malaakout, inzal inzal, idbaroo ya fasidiin khalaakiyaat.

 Translation word for word:

Bisma: By the name of.

Nour: Light.

Rabbani: Godly. Divine.

Wa: And. With.

Kuwat: The power. The authority.

Al: The.

Malaakout: Kingdom.

inzal inzal: Come down come down.

Idbaroo: Go away. Depart. Run.

Ya: O you.

Fasidiin: Rotten. Bad.

Khalaakiyaat: Creatures.

 General meaning:By the name of the godly light and the power of the kingdom of God, I order you to come down, and you bad spirits I order you to go away.

And what if the suspended friend is an atheist? How will the divine command convince him to land on your blanket, since he does not believe in God? Well, even though the command contains words like godly, divine, kingdom, and so on, the words by themselves have no effect whatsoever on your flying-by-night friend. The Sahiriin mediums said, the command will be heard by the entities, and this should be enough to force them to comply with your request. And then what? Your friend will land on your blanket, and shortly thereafter will return to where he came from, unaware of anything. Is it the end of the adventure?  No! You should ask a Master to re-align his Khateyn Tarika, or learn how to do it yourself! Where and how could I learn the technique of the re-alignment of Khateyn Tarika? You might ask. Answer: I have explained the technique of the re-alignment of Khateyn Tarika in one of the booklets of “Anunnaki-Ulema Ramadosh Techniqes of How to Acquire Supernatural Powers.”  One of my students asked me a very intelligent question (Which contained many sub-questions) in regard to the command “Bisma Nour Rabbani…” Here is his question: “I did not summon any entity or open any séance, so first, how do I know there is an entity in the room, second, where did this entity come from? And third, why did we have to learn all these complicated summoning techniques, and spend hours and hours learning and practicing how to open a séance, if an entity could pop out, any time, unannounced, just like that, out of the blue? My answer: According to the protocol of the Arwaah, in normal conditions, no entity or spirit will ever appear before your eyes if you do not know to open a séance and summon the spirits. This is the rule of thumb. However, there are very rare situations, when an entity manifests itself, unannounced and un-summoned. This happens, when another person has been followed or harassed by an entity. This person brings with him or her, not only the entity in question, but also several other entities and spirits if they were in the company of the principal entity. Those who have studied Sihr, or at least got acquainted with some of the Sahiriin and Rouhaniyiin techniques and Kira’at, will instantly feel the presence of an entity or spirit. If they are beginners, they will have a hard time dealing with the entity, and probably would not know what to do. Those who have practiced Sihr, and/or learned Sahiriin and Rouhaniyiin advanced techniques would know immediately what to do in these situations, and how to command the entity. Even though there are specific commands, and Talabaat for specific situations and conditions, there are also two or three standard commands that apply to situations when an entity manifests itself on its own. I have explained these in my book “How to Summon and Command Spirits, Angels, Demons, Afarit, Djinns.”

 Is this typical spirits possession of the human body? Yes it is, according to the Rouhaniyiin and Sahiriin. And it is called “Intisakhah”. Some Intisakhah are temporary, others could last for a very long period of time. Some occur during a séance, others while the Khateyn Tarika are unbalanced, and distant from the human body. New age ufology called these entities who enter the human bodies, “walk-ins.” Anunnaki-Ulema Rabbi Mordachai ben Zvi told me that our third dimension (Earth) is surrounded by time-space pockets that open and close at some particular moments. During these phases, entities of all sorts, living-forms, particles, sub-atomic particles, “time bubbles” as well as gravity from parallel dimensions could enter our world, and take on different shapes and forms. Afrit and Arwaah are no exception. In fact, what we have witnessed in the case of our “flying-hovering friend” is one of those moments, when an entity enters our dimension without a formal request. The entity starts to look for people whose “Double” is suffering from lack of harmony and synchronization. These people become the target of the entity. And unfortunately, the entity will keep on revisiting these people, as often as possible, and finally the entity succeeds in creating a niche in their Khateyn Tarika.Those who have had a troubled childhood are particularly vulnerable, and if their Khateyn Tarika becomes periodically distant from their body, the entities’ visits become more frequent.

b-People entering your zone: Just like entities and spirits, others (Human beings) can also invade your zone. They enter your Khateyn Tarika through their “Double”. Siblings and children who had an unpleasant relationship/rapport with their parents, especially with their mothers, suffer from this Double’s invasion, more frequently than others. Allamah Sharaf Al Diin stated verbatim: “Some people could become more annoying than spirits. Usually, it is the Atmashabah of the mother who invades the zone of her adult children. Because there is a permanent link between mother and child, the Double of the mother could easily enter between the two lines of the child’s zone, especially when the Double of the child has left an empty place between these two lines. This happens, when the Double has been kicked out by misalignment of Khateyn Tarika.”A very disturbing scenario takes place in this situation. It is quite common to sense the Atmashabah of the mother screaming at her child, and the child reacting very aggressively toward what he/she conceives to be his/her real mother manifesting in the flesh.

 What is Atmashabah? Atmashabah is composed of two words found in Ana’kh, the language of the Anunnaki, in Ulemite, the language of the Anunnaki-Ulema, in the language of the Sahiriin, and in Arabic. Atma means darkness. Shabah means a ghost, a phantom. Thus, the general meaning is the darkness of a ghost. Darkness of a ghost is a metaphoric expression/interpretation for the grayish gluey substance that constitutes the manifestation of a ghost. Some spiritists call it ectoplasma. But the word ectoplasma is not quite correct. In ancient times, ecto was understood and written as exo, meaning out of, outside, and is of Greek origin. It refers to a substance that exits from the orifices of the human body (Nose, mouth, eyes). But what we have here, is not a substance that comes out of the body, but a substance that is independently produced by the Double of another person, without using human body orifices.

c-Entering other people’s zone: If others can enter your zone, so too can you enter the zone of other people. This happens when your Double escapes for a short time. Your Double can enter so many places on Earth, as well as in adjacent and parallel dimensions. I have written extensively on this subject in my previous books, and I am not about to repeat myself in this present tome. But briefly and rapidly let me point out the following: A healthy Double can be guided and instructed to explore many zones and various spheres of existence, and bring back a wealth of information on all sorts of things, objects, people and places. A Double that has been “kicked out” of your Khateyn Tarika is worthless. It would annoy others, and disrupt the harmonious flow and flux of their zones. This means that you (with your Double bouncing all around everywhere but within your two lines of Khateyn Tarika) would unnerve or perturb the harmonious energy of others. People would say “something about his/her energy/vibe is off-putting.”


IV. Technique for cleansing and strengthening your Khateyn Tarika

How to use it? Follow these instructions:

 Time and place:

  • Favorable time: Always after 9:00 PM.
  • Favorable place: Any place as long as you are alone and not disturbed by others.


  • Draw two parallel lines on the floor.
  • The length of the two lines should not exceed 7 feet.
  • The six feet are your zone.
  • The additional foot limits the outer strength of your zone, usually used for reinforced protection.
  • The space between the two parallel lines should not exceed 5 feet.
  • Light and place one white candle at the end of each line. So, you should have 2 lit candles at the end of your zone defined by the length of the two lines.
  • Now, look around you, and pick up 4 objects, anything you like, a pen, a bracelet, a small cup, a piece of chocolate, whatever you have access to.
  • Dump the 4 objects in a paper bag.
  • Write the name of each object on a piece of paper and place the paper in a second bag.
  • Keep the two bags outside the two lines.
  • Put down the bags in any place you want.
  • There are no restrictions, as long as they are outside the two lines.

 The process:

  • 1. First of all, in your mind, you should envisage now, the two lines of Khateyn Tarika as the borderlines of everything that contains you as a person; this, consists of the time you live in, the time you have lived in, the good time you knew, the hard time you went through, and what you do believe might prevent you from progressing in life.
  • 2. The 4 objects you have already picked up might seem irrelevant to what you are currently thinking about, and/or the situation you are going through.
  • 3. I can explain to you right away how important and relevant those 4 objects are, but this could influence your thoughts and spoil the esoteric exercise. So, do not get preoccupied with these objects. Forget about them for the time being.
  • 4. Get a rope or a thread and tie 4 knots on the rope or the thread.
  • 5. Later on, and on your own you will understand the relation and/or the link that exists between the 4 objects and the 4 knots.
  • 6. In this context, each knot could or would represent 4 important things in your life. I asked you to select 4 objects, not less and not more, simply because I do not want you to think about many things for now, because you should keep your mind focused on a few things.
  • 7. And fewer objects might not gather and/or cover enough stuff. So 4 objects are more than enough to practice the Khateyn Tarika.
  • 8. Now you have a rope or a thread with 4 knots. Lay down the rope or the thread on the floor, any place you want, as long as it is inside the two lines.
  • 9. The 4 knots represents 4 periods in your life. You may not agree with this interpretation, because you might think that you have never lived 4 periods.
  • 10. True, but according to the enlightened masters, all of us have already lived or will go through 4 phases in our lives. Some periods or passages are pleasant; others are tough or uncomfortable to say the least.
  • 11. Some passages you might remember, others you are not aware of, or simply you do not remember, because they are buried in your childhood, or yet to surface in your future. But eventually, they will become part of the fabric of your life in the present and in the future..
  • 12. Some people have more problems than others. Consequently, more knots are required. But if we keep on thinking in this manner, we will never finish the practice. Later on, as you progress with your practice, you can add as many knots as you want. If you add more than 4 knots, you should ask the assistance of a Master.
  • 13. Do not complicate things, work with only 4 knots for now. It is more than you can handle, especially if you are a beginner.
  • 14. Lay down on the floor, inside the two lines, and close your eyes. Keep your eyes close until the end of the exercise.
  • 15. Now, start to focus on one knot; the first one on the rope or the thread.
  • 16. Call this first knot, your childhood.
  • 17. While you are positioning yourself on the floor, between the two lines, try to remember something from your childhood.
  • 18. Do not worry about what you should remember and what part of your childhood you should remember. Anything that pops up in your head will be just fine. Later on, your mind will sort out and resort things accordingly.
  • 19. Well, let’s assume that your mind will take you back into your past when you were 4 year old. That’s fine. Now start to remember what you liked and disliked when you were 4 years old.
  • 20. See what your mind will bring back to your memory. Are you seeing the old house you lived in? Maybe now, you are seeing neighbors, the school bus, your teachers, siblings? It does not matter what you are seeing and what you are missing. Let your brain navigate on its own.
  • 21. Try to sink yourself into those visions, and relive these passages from your childhood.
  • 22. Once you become one with your past, and your brain begins to assimilate this, begin a conversation with the 4 year old child you used to be.
  • 23. This conversation will stimulate parts or segments from your past, that will perfectly fit the moment you are living right now, meaning that, what your brain is currently bring back to you, is closely associated with the knot.
  • 24. And this exercise applies to the other three knots.
  • 25. Now, I want you to stop reading these instructions, right here at bullet #25, and go back to bullet #1, and start reading the instructions from the beginning. Of course, you will not do this during the séance.
  • 26. But here and now, and for the sole purpose of fully understanding the process, I am asking you to re-read the instructions from the beginning. Now, here you are talking peacefully to yourself when you were 4 year old. Continue to do so by asking the child standing before you to take you back in time to a place you liked very much; it could be the beach, an old house, a play-ground, your grand mother home, any thing.
  • 27. Anchor yourself in the place you are revisiting. Let your memory and mind float freely.
  • 28. And while you are revisiting and reliving that place and that moment from your past, ask calmly the child (Remember, this child is YOU!) standing before you to tell you why did he/she like that place? What is so special about that place?
  • 29. Ask the child about something less pleasant, for instance something that has disturbed you, and/or scared you.
  • 30. Wait for the answer, and see how you are going to feel all over again. This sensation will come.
  • 31. If you re-experience the same feeling you had years ago, this would be an indication, a sign that you have linked yourself to a past event.
  • 32. Now, using your imagination, try to project that unpleasant event, right before your eyes.
  • 33. Then, tell yourself you are going to tie up that event inside the first knot. And while you are doing this, think about a dark color, any color you want. I recommend dark blue.
  • 34. In your first séance, you will concentrate on one knot, and you will tie the pertaining event (Memory of event) inside one knot; the corresponding knot that is. This exercise shall be repeated for the other knots in forthcoming séances.
  • 35. Now, you tell your mind to concentrate on your feet. More precisely on your two big toes, simultaneously. Repeat this, until your toes are totally relaxed.
  • 36. Tell your toes to go to sleep. Keep telling your toes to do so, until you start to feel that both toes are now cold and heavy.
  • 37. Now tell your feet to go to sleep. Keep telling your feet to do so, until you start to feel that your feet are now cold and heavy.
  • 38. As you progress in your exercise, you will get better and faster results.
  • 39. Now reach for you knees and do the same thing.
  • 40. It could take you several attempts to realize this, but eventually you will succeed, if you persevere.
  • 41. Once, your knees, your feet, and your toes have reached the state of numbness, you will begin to feel the presence of two lines emanating from the right side and left side of your hip. And that is fine.
  • 42. Now, you ask the child standing before you to lift you up.
  • 43. Your body will start to rise.
  • 44. In less than two seconds, you will start to float in the air. And you will begin to hover over your own body.
  • 45. No, you are not dreaming, and you are not under the influence of any mental disillusion. What is happening here is real. It is mental, not physical. Your brain is in charge now of the whole situation. It is not an out-of-the body experience. It is not an astral projection.
  • 46. It is the mind which is producing this effect.
  • 47. At this precise moment, ask the child who is still standing in front of you, to take you to the place you have chosen for revisiting your childhood.
  • 48. Tell your mind to pick up the rope or the thread and to throw it in the air.
  • 49. Grab the rope or the thread and shake it strongly and firmly.
  • 50. Take the rope or the thread with you to your chosen destination (The place, country or time you have chosen to revisit).
  • 51. As soon as you have reached your destination, ask your mind to untie the knot.
  • 52. Your mind is extremely powerful. You mind can do it. And soon, you will see the rope or the thread folding and unfolding on itself, and the knot disappearing.
  • 53. It is not an illusion, because when you return to the body which is still laying down and flat inside the Khateyn Tarika, you will discover that the rope or the thread has now only three knots.
  • 54. Thank the child who accompanied you in your fantastic journey in time and space.
  • 55. Descend slowly into your physical body. Your mind will re-enter its original place, and your brain will re-adjust itself.
  • 56. You will loose the dumbness you have felt before, and before you know it, your knees, feet and toes will regain their normal/natural senses.
  • 57. You will wake up, healthy and content, but you will not remember everything you felt or witnessed.
  • 58. Your eyes are wide open now.
  • 59. Look at the rope or the thread you left inside the two lines.
  • 60. And to your great amazement, you will find out that the rope or the thread has only three knots now. And that is wonderful, because you got rid of a knot which was blocking many wonderful things from happening in your life.
  • 61. There is one more wonderful surprise for you; look inside the bag where you have dumped the four objects you have selected. What you will see is self-explanatory.
  • 62. You have made a most unusual and successful trip to another dimension. Your two lines are now re-aligned perfectly, and you are now in perfect harmony and sync with your Double.
  • 63. This is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • 64. Do not expect to succeed right away, but eventually you will without any doubt, if you believe in yourself, in the power of your mind, and in the magic of your imagination. It will work for you if you practice and practice and practice.
  • 65. You can repeat the same exercise for the remaining three knots, until you get rid of each knot which is blocking your life. One knot at the time. One séance at the time. One exercise at the time.
  • 66. Once all knots/blocks are removed, your Khateyn Tarika lines will become a formidable protection shield, and a magnificent source of energy, strength and mental enlightenment.

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