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Leslie’s Statement:

I am an expert in psychic mediumship readings, and intuitive guidance development, and energy healer. I have the ability to connect with loved ones, spirit guides, and angels on the other side to deliver messages of peace, love and understanding in my readings. With the ability to see where you are on your cycle and wheel of life I give very detail information at the choices and paths that lay before you and that would be in your highest and greatest good for your spiritual evolution this lifetime. The ability to provide light, understanding, and healing to others was a natural gift that was enhanced through class study and various psychic development groups. I have received formal training through various organizations including but not limited to United Spiritualist Church of Christ Light, Camp Chesterfield, Seminary classes through spiritualist church, Reiki classes and attunements with Marie Sword most training and development was taught starting in spring of 1999. I still continue to development and perfect my gifts through learning over the years.

I teach Intuitive Development Classes locally and also via phone line. I also teach Reiki Classes and perform attunements. I do Spiritual Coaching with interactive development. I also do various workshops locally and abroad. My spiritual path has provided me with an opportunity to learn more about my evolution process and my divine life mission. Throughout my early adult years I was falling deeper into an abyss of unfulfilled dreams, lost hope and uncertainty in my life. I knew it was time for a drastic life makeover! My belief in God and prayer were my only options and with a whisper in my ear i hear “prayer changes things”. And it sure did in ways I could not have ever imagined. The foundation that I created in my life began to collapse and my roles and duties as a wife, mother and corporate employee were no longer who I was but just the roles I played in my life. The search for meaning of my life and why I was on this earth led me to a wonderful and sometimes challenging path of healing and accepting my true divinity within. Through a form of holistic healing called “Reiki” and its ability to heal mind, body and spiritual body, I became aware of the beautiful gift that was being given to me as a result to find the deeper meaning of my life.

The life changing experience began to open a door to a treasure of spiritual gifts and blessings. As part of my life mission and the discovery of my inner light that not only guided me on my life journey, but also as an anchor of light on this planet to guide others to their own divinity and light within. To bring others the awareness that we are all connected and accepting the mission to be a “light worker” and “earth angel”.

I am very thankful and extremely blessed to provide intuitive spiritual guidance and healing to help and assist others with their spiritual evolution this lifetime. When I engage with a client I leave the person with a sense of hope and clarity and making their experience with me a pleasant and heartfelt reading rather they are experiencing their reading for the first time or they are a repeat client the guidance given from spirit is reassuring of the choices they are facing on their journey and cross road in life. And I am thankful and extremely blessed to be a channel for that love and peace. Blessing, Love and Light.