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E-mail: lisahurtt@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Websites: NearDeathExperiencers . Afterlife Experiencer's Group . Facebook .  LinkedIn . YouTube . Twitter. www.simplyspiritualsolutions.com. www.drlisahurtt.com .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Address: 27849 Canyon Hills Way, Murrieta, California 92563. Phone: 951-852-8611 cell



Lisa started out her adult life at an early age. She married at 19 and had 2 children by the time she was 22. She learned what it was like to live paycheck to paycheck and eventually to become a welfare mom. This was a far cry from the upper middle class lifestyle she knew as a child. She knew she had to change her life, so she did! She divorced her first husband and never looked back. By the time Lisa was 30, she owned her first real estate office and within the next couple of years she acquired another office. She was on the fast-track and nothing was going to stand in her way of success. It meant a lot to Lisa to provide her girls with the same type of lifestyle she had growing up. At the age of 37, she had it all. A secure income, luxurious home, fancy cars, and a wonderful life many people dream about. On June 19, 2005, that all changed in an instant. A boat wreck changed Lisa's life forever. Many people would look at what she went through as a tragedy. Lisa looks at it as a blessing. A near-death experience opened a whole new way of life for her. Suddenly, Lisa understood that financial success has very little to do with happiness. She learned that there is so much more to our lives than just making a good living. Lisa is an Author and has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics for Holistic Counseling. She also loves to host workshops and tele-seminars on going from tragedy to transformation. Lisa also enjoys teaching people to use their intuitive God given ability. Everyone has a sixth sense. Lisa will show you how to tap into it and use your own intuition. Start receiving your own messages from spirit which will allow you to live a much more peaceful life in any economy!

Dr. Lisa Hurtt hosts a weekly radio show on webtalkradio.net called Simply Spiritual Solutions!

 Personal statements:

A traumatic accident, severe injury, and huge financial losses changed my life forever. . . for the better!

I understand how devastating our world's current economic crisis is for many folks. So many people are worried about losing their jobs, homes, and automobiles. A few years before we experienced this recession, I made a huge error in judgment. I let my health insurance lapse. A couple days later, I was involved in a tragic accident. I literally died by drowning. I am someone who has gone through a NDE (near-death experience). I remained on life support and in a coma for nearly a month. My survival under these circumstances was a miracle. The Doctors who worked on my case were amazed. There is very little proof in the scientific world as to why I survived.

 This is no fairy tale . . . Prior to the summer of 2005.

I was living the American Dream: "Struggling welfare mom turns into successful business woman." When times were good, money seemed to have an endless supply as long as I worked 24/7. In the fall of 2005, I returned home from the hospital and began to live my new life. Due to my injuries, I would never be able to work in the Real Estate Business at the frantic pace I grew to depend upon before. My life seemed all messed up. The money I used to earn was a thing of the past. I had over $300K in medical bills to pay out of my own pocket. The more I tried to make everything seem normal to the rest of the world, the further into debt I fell. These were the days of Lisa's Life Recession! Suddenly, I realized that everything happens for a reason. A severe injury was the only way I was ever going to slow down. Losing my glamorous lifestyle was the only way I would learn that it never really mattered. It was all an illusion. Houses, Cars, Jewelry and Clothes are only possessions. They can't make or break a person. What matters most in a person's life is the people they love and those who love them. I have never been wealthier in spirit than I am today. Would you like to begin your new life?

Look for Dr. Lisa Hurtt's radio show “Simply Spiritual Solutions” on Webtalkradio.net