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Brief chat with Lynne Caddick

 Q: What kind of services, a client expects to receive from you?

Answer: Spiritual guidance, life coaching, private reading sessions, email reading, groups and party bookings, Skype readings chat and video link, spiritual and psychic development.

Q: How long it would take before a client gets results?

Answer: I have a waiting list for private sessions

Q: What is the success ratio or percentage of your success in your practice? Is it documented?

Answer: I have a success ratio of 95% and yes there is documentation to prove this. Many testimonials can be found on my website. They are 100% genuine and authentic.

Q: Have you ever developed a long lasting friendly rapport with your clients? Do you have repeated-customers?

Answer: I love people and respect them and I am always here to help and guide them after they have received a reading from me. I do not conduct a reading and forget about any of my clients. I have a wonderful on-going relationship with all my clients who consult me on a regular basis.  I have many repeated customers who have consult me regularly.

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

Answer: Private Sessions are £40. Email Readings range from £15 to £40. Group Bookings are £40 per person. Skype Video/ChatReadings are £40. A Life Coaching Session where I offer Spiritual Guidance is £45 per hour. Spiritual and Psychic Development £30 per hour.

Q: What is the most unique experience or event you have encountered?

Answer: The visit to the famously haunted Skirrid Inn in the Black Mountains of Wales.  Myself and some friends had arranged a Xmas night at the Skirrid Inn where I was taken over (possessed) by the Spirit of an elderly Welsh Lady named Sian Owen. She was the model in the famous portrait painted by Salem. We arrived and sat down for our Xmas meal, enjoying and taking in the energy of the place and many of us had picked up on the presence of many souls in the Inn. After we had finished our meal we all sat around an open fireplace with the smell of burning logs, wonderfully tranquil and peaceful. We just sat around chatting and taking in the energy. I decided that I would have a stroll around the place to see if I could pick up on some of the spirits present. On my way back to the table I felt a very heavy weight on top of me and started falling to the ground. I knew what was happening so I shouted to one of my colleagues Jan Beattie to pick up her camera as I could feel spirit taking me over. Jan always had her camera with her when I was present as my features tend to change on a regular basis. She shouted "I have already taken a photo Lynne as I could see that you were being taken over".  Two of my colleagues came to my aid and helped me to my seat, where the lady who had taken me over Sian Owen remained present within me.  I felt drained and tired, but also excited that this wonderful lady had chosen me to be present within my body. As I was taking control of the situation all my colleagues were looking at the photos that Jan had taken and they were all aghast with amazement as there in front of their eyes was the face of Sian Owen, I had disappeared!  Several photos were then taken of me throughout the course of the night. When I felt better and in control we decided to take a stroll (together) around this place and decided to go upstairs to the other rooms, and as we started to negotiate the stairs I heard Carrie-Anne Woodland shout "Oh My God you have to see this" and there it was the famous Salem Portrait on the wall at the bottom of the stairs with Sian Owen standing in the middle. The face was the same that Jan had captured on her camera, that of Sian Owen. We were all shocked in amazement, and haven’t really got over that amazing experience and especially for me. Now Sian Owen is one of my main Spirit Guides who walks with me and talks with me and also helps me with my spiritual work. I often see her in the mirror looking back at me. This is when I realised that I was fast becoming a Trance Medium, and I feel honoured and privileged that Spirit use me in this way and I feel protected at all times and Sian and my late husband Paul keep me safe from any negativity.

Q: What is the best way to reach you?

Answer: I can be reached on +4478910 28623 Skype 315-215-1069 Email: 


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Lynne Caddick’s biography:

Lynne was born with an inner sense of Knowing and realizing from a very young age that she was different to her family and friends, who was able to communicate with spirit even though she felt overwhelmed and didn’t quite understand `Why` she had been chosen. Through her early days Lynne was overwhelmed with her ability to connect with Angels, Guides and Loved Ones who had passed over. Lynne is a natural born psychic. She was officially ranked No. 2 Top Psychic in the world 2011-2012, and No. 1 Top Psychic in the UK 2011-2012/2013, and the only UK psychic to reach international 1st place. She is ranked No. 5 in the world in the 2nd International Vote. This year, she was voted best medium and best psychic in the UK. Lynne was the second British psychic and the only Welsh psychic to be included in directory of the “Register of the United States and World Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank order 2012”. Lynne is also featured in "Its Fate" Magazine for her dedication to her work with spirit.

She is a world renowned psychic and trance medium and is able to offer a different way of communication with spirit. Her guides come very close enabling her to change her facial and sometimes bodily features. Her late husband is her Gatekeeper and through him and her Guides she can offer you accurate readings. Lynne discovered that she had the ability to connect with spirit from the young age of 6 years and found it difficult understanding what was happening to her. Without the support of her parents and family, life was difficult for her back in the 50s and 60s.

After a long time of coming to terms with her ability she confided in a lady whom later became her mother-in-law who was also spiritually aware, and from the age of age of 17 years she started learning how to understand and develop her skills. During the time of her development she attended many evenings at the local Spiritualist Church where she met many people who advised her and helped her along her spiritual journey, taking her to new heights of understanding. Her experience within the field from the age of 25 was performing services at her local church and all over South Wales, meeting people through referrals and helping them come to terms with the loss of loved ones and because of her compassionate and caring approach people came to know her as "The Peoples Psychic". In 1979 her husband Paul who was also very spiritually aware, passed away and after her his` death Lynne became more aware of spirit and started to realize that she was becoming a Trance Medium. In 2011, Lynne and her son experienced a phenomenon within their home, where water appeared on the top of her dining room table with no explanation as to how it appeared. Spirit had manifested to warn her of an impending tragedy. Her daughter 7 months pregnant, and family were out sailing just one month after the manifestation took place and tragedy struck, their boat capsized and Lynne’s family almost drowned and if it wasn't for the quick thinking of a sailor in the vicinity they would almost certainly have died. Was this a sign from Paul or just coincidence? Lynne feels privileged and blessed that spirit use her to connect to them in such a personal way. Lynne now uses her ability to help, guide and pass on her knowledge to many throughout the World.

Not only could she connect with them, but she sensed the ability to connect with those who lay in a coma or had experienced some kind of Brain Trauma and Memory Loss. Lynne has not only helped numerous people link with their loved ones on the other side but she has also help link them with very ill people who have suffered some kind of trauma and are still alive but in a vegetative state. She has the unusual gift of Sight and Sound from those who live as well as those who have passed over.

Lynne has had numerous experiences during her years working with Spirit and one of her strongest areas is the ability to change her facial and bodily features to the point where the occurrences have been caught on camera. Lynne works with Spirit when conducting her readings. To be able to communicate properly Spirit has to be present as Lynne will not work in any other way, and by allowing the connection between the two worlds. She is able to bring proof of life beyond with uncannily accurate results. She is passionate about her work and offers Spiritual Guidance to all who seek her help empowering them on their own Spiritual Journey. She teaches Self Belief.

Lynne also offers Spiritual Development for those who wish to learn how to channel their own psychic skills. She is not judgmental, but an extraordinary lightworker with unusual psychic skills.

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Recommendations for Lynne Caddick

1-Dear Peggy. Last year I voted for Lynne Caddick and I am privileged to do it again this year. She is a credit to Wales and the UK and of course she is also known throughout the world thanks to the 2 books that you produced last year of which I have purchased. I therefore, give my vote and my families (I only voted myself last year and would like to include my family also for whom she has brought much comfort) to Lynne. Idris Harris

2-Dear Sirs/Mam. My name is Robert Stockman of the USA and my family and friend had the pleasure of meeting Lynne whilst I was on vacation in the UK.  We had arranged a Party of 12 people where Lynne did readings for us over the course of 2 days. Well what can I say, we all so blown away by her. We cannot understand why she isn’t in the public eye as she should be. As you are almost certainly aware the USA honor their Psychics and Healers, but we found it quite conservative over in the UK. Yes they have many stage performances and shows by various well known Psychics in Great Britain, but Lynne prefers to stay in the background and help others her way.  We have invited her over to the States on vacation and hope that she accepts. Robert Stockman

The amazing work that she does deserves this recognition and I bought your book "Worlds Best Psychics, Mediums and Healers" this year and that is how we came across Lynne, and we thought it would be nice to meet her in person. So glad that we did. She told us that she is in the process of writing her autobiography which I feel would be a very interesting book. I will definitely be purchasing the new edition when its published. You also deserve recognition for the work you do bringing such peace and comfort to the public with the books that you produce. Congratulations to you also for bringing together the Best Psychics and Healers in the World of ours which is much needed. I hope you don’t mind but I would like to add my family and friends who have met her and some who have had email readings with Lynne to the list: Robert Stockman, Mary Stockman, Nigel Stockman, Julia Stockman, Angel Stockman, Gloria Hewitson, Kris Stockman, Eunice Stockman, Yolanda Robers, Peter Roberts, Ingrid Roberts, Peter Roberts, Derry Maitlin, Winnie Maitlin, Sarah Maitlin, James Holmes, Mary Holmes, Nigel Jefferson and Iris Jefferson. United as family and friends. Robert Stockman.

3-I would like to vote for Lynne Caddick. Lynne conducted a reading for me recently and was able to connect from many miles away with my husband who had been in a serious accident. She was able to communicate with him even when in a coma. I am speechless at this very moment as what I feel about this wonderful lady no one can put into words. She is a Human Angel sent here to do Gods Work in a caring and compassionate way. Absolutely amazing to say the least. Many Blessing from New Zealand. Amy Dobson Holistic Lightworker, Reiki Healer

4-I would like to vote for Lynne Caddick. Amazing, talented, outstanding, so different and honest and above all trustworthy. I would like to add the names of my family also to the voting: Jeffrey Meredith – husband, Alison Meredith – daughter, Louise Meredith – daughter, Helen Jarman – sister, Mary Meredith - Mother-in-law, David Meredith - Father in law, Eric Jones – Father, Jessica Jones – Mother. 10 votes including myself.  We have read your books and find them fascinating and tremendously informative and an absolute must. Lynne is leading the field over in the UK for Better Psychic Practice. We have been following her progress and she is no doubt the Best Psychic over here in the UK. She has presented a Psychic Charter to the Welsh Government, and if passed will be visiting 10 Downing Street to hand the Charter to the Prime Minister. Yours truly Shauna Meredith

5-It gives me and my family the greatest of pleasure to vote for Lynne Caddick - Trance Medium. What a wonderful lady full of charisma and so empathic. I am learning how to develop my Psychic Skills and have recently received Psychic Development from Lynne and since I have learned to open up to spirit and control my gift I have excelled and now intend to follow the pathway that was intended for me, and this is all down to the wonderful lady Lynne Caddick.  Lynne has taught me the ways of the ancient and has WOWED me with her ability to connect with spirit. She has also conducted readings for my family and friends with great depth. I have never known a Psychic so at ease with spirit, the words of enlightenment just ooze from this lady. My family who would also like to give her their vote: Myself: Kerry Holingsworth, David Holingsworth - Husband, Peter Holinsgworth - Son, Josie Holingsworth - Daughter. Lorraine Jefferson - Daughter, Neil Jefferson - Son in Law. The above which to be included in the voting if that is at all possible. Much Love. Kerry Holingsworth

6-Dear Peggy. I have recently been sent the link to your website for the voting stages of the next directory of Best American and Worlds Psychics and Healers, and I must admit this is so needed as there are so many Psychics within our world that offer services to vulnerable people like myself. I have over the years searched and searched for a genuine Psychic Medium and a friend of a friend sent me the link to Lynne Caddick from Great Britain. It took me several months to pluck up the courage to approach her as I have had so much heartache in my life and wanted to consult a Psychic who was genuine and I have met many charlatans over the years.  Lynne was a recommendation so I wrote to her requesting a private sitting. I am based in Singapore with my work and was travelling to the UK in July this year, so I requested a meeting with her. Since that meeting which lasted just over an hour, Lynne was able to not only connect with my loved ones that have crossed over but told me things about ME and my family that I found quite extraordinary. This lady has obviously been sent to this world of ours for a reason and that reason is to bring comfort and hope to those who need it.  You may think that I am rambling on a little, but I can only say what I feel. SHE Lynne Caddick by far the best Psychic I have had the privilege to meet, as she has brought me hope for the future for myself and my family.  So without further ado, I would most heartedly and 200% give my vote to this Special Lady and I do it with love and the utmost of respect for her and the wonderful work that she does across the world!!! With hope for the future and a thank you to you and the author, because you have made it possible for people like myself to be able to once more TRUST. Thank you for the wonderful work and for the books that you produce. With much sincerity John Fellows and Family. Singapore.

7-Dear Sirs. I have briefly looked at your website, a link was sent to me by a relative of mine.  I would like to send my vote for Lynne Caddick. I happened to notice she is under the Psychic Medium Category but I feel also wondered, (because she is a great natural Healer) if there is a Healers category as well. Not to worry if not, as she has a great sense of purpose when she heals people. She is very modest about her work and I feel she under estimates her wonderful gift of connecting with spirit and also whilst healing others she emits such warmth and calm. Please forgive my English as have learning difficulties. Please give my vote to Lynne for the Psychic Medium Category and if she is entered into the Healers Category I would like to give her my vote for that too. Thank you Many Blessings. Brian Hunt

8-Hi, I would like to nominate Lynne Caddick as I think she has an amazing gift & and truly is one amazing lady. She done a reading for me at the beginning of the year and i was totally amazed at how much she picked up on in my past & as well as the present totally spot on with everything I have had reading done in the past but never as much detail & feeling as Lynne picked up so my vote 100% is for Lynne thanks. M. Harper

9-Hello! I have had enormous pleasure in having great readings from Lynne during the year. I have found that her readings have been unbelievably spot on.   I am currently involved in a legal matter and Lynne has mentioned this in my reading and an outcome has come to light.  I would highly recommend Lynne Caddick to everyone that believes there is a spirit world and that love ones do come to contact for a reason. My vote is for you Lynne. Many Blessings. Marissa Litonjua, Queensland, Australia  

10-Dear Mrs. North. Its gives much pleasure to vote for the talented Lynne Caddick known by us as Lynne Trance Medium. The readings she conducted for us were out of this world. We live in a small village in Pembrokeshire, Wales and found Lynne would you believe through the book we bought from Amazon. "America & World Best Psychics, Mediums & Healers". Best book we ever bought!!! Lynne is now our regular Psychic whom we consult on a regular basis. Truly amazing and accurate and I cant applaud her enough for her work. With many blessings from the heart of Wales. George Kitley, Henrietta Kitley

11-Dear Peggy, I have recently become aware that  you are now producing another book for the Best Psychics, mediums etc.  I voted for lynne last time back in February this year for the 2012 book. Please place my vote for Lynne.  Lynne has been our regular Psychic now for some time and we found her through friends, that actually came across her in your last book. So I thought mmm..... would like that so I bought one via Amazon. I also noticed that she was also mentioned in another book of yours so I purchased that as well an will be purchasing the new one also. You do amazing work, and through your books I feel that Lynne’s profile has been enhanced throughout the world and she so deserves the recognition for being such a wonderful spiritual person and the wonderful work she does for spirit. Keep up the good work and producing wonderful books that are so needed. We live in Ireland and if it wasn’t for the book we wouldn’t have found her, so thank you. Many Blessings. Neil and Rebecca Parsons from Ireland.

12-Dear J. Goldsmith. I have just visited your website as I had been sent the link. We have been consulting Lynne for over 12 months now and all our family have had the privilege to have had readings with her. We live in Ireland and found Lynne through your books and fully intend to purchase more as we feel this is so necessary for ordinary people like ourselves who don’t know where to look for a genuine Psychic.  Well we found Lynne from your books and we thank you for making it possible.

We therefore place our votes for Lynne Caddick for the British Isles. Doreen O’Mara, Jackie O’Mara, Michael O’Mara Gilliam O’Mara and would you believe our Granddad Billy O’Mara who has also had a reading at the age of 80 years. Peace be with you. Doreen O’Mara

13-2 votes for the amazing, talented Lynne Caddick who is the best psychic in our eyes. She's fantabulous. Best regards. Ceri and Tim Lawson

14-Dear Mr. J. Goldsmith. It gives us much pleasure in passing our votes onto the amazing Lynne Caddick from Great Britain.  We are clients of Lynnes and we found her through friends who had purchased your book this year. We phoned several psychics that were mentioned in the book and found Lynne to be the best amongst them. Therefore, Lynne will now become our regular psychic and advisor thanks to you. Adam Atkins, Jeremy Atkins and Sue Atkins

15-To Judith Goldsmith Editor. I have been browsing through your website re: Best Americas and World Psychics etc., and came across a lady that I have known for some time and had a reading with her over 4 years ago. I was amazed to see her there in the Top Ten. WOW!!! Amazing as she so deserves to be there and definitely should be at the TOP!!!!! We would therefore, like to support her in the work that she does to help so many people in this world. She is genuine, kind and honourable spiritual person. Please see our names below in support for Lynne Caddick Bridgette and Mark Parsons. Our sons:  David, Roger and Allan. Our daughter: Roweena.  Good Luck with your new book.  Bridgette Parsons, Brecon, South Wales.

16-Good morning from UK , my name is Lynne Coles. I am writing you to my my vote for Lynne Caddick.  I had my reading last week and she was amazing as she connected with spirit for the answers to questions I was seeking.  I have had many readings, usually Tarot, but Lynne uses her Guides to connect and our loved ones also. This is how a reading should be conducted unless a tarot reading is specifically asked for. Giving proof of life after death means so much to those who have been left behind in the knowing that we will meet again, and thanks to Lynne I had that proof. I am still shaking !! Lynne Coles

17-This is my vote for Lynne Caddick. I had a reading with her today and she absolutely blew me away!!! Best Medium I have ever met. Steffan Goodwin