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Melissa grew up in New York City. She began training as a professional actor at 11, where she learned to see, feel and live as other people, and learned to access deep emotions and feelings of othersí. This was an early initiation into intuitive development! Her mission as a Psychic Medium is to help others access and develop their own intuition, talents and connection to Spirit. Melissaís training continues as a lifelong adventure. Her lineages are Pre-Minoan, Dianic and Shamanic Goddess mysteries, and reflect her deepest beliefs and experiences.

She is also a successful certified Interior Design stylist and Feng Shui practitioner, and a graduate of the Ohashi Institute of Advanced Shiatsu Studies. Her approach is passionate, energetic and multi-dimensional.

All dimensions of a personís life are explored, seen and worked on energetically for successful transformation. Melissa is also trained in Shamanic journeying, Shamanic bodywork, trance healing, cabinet work and Physical and Mental Mediumship and Spirit Release. She lives and works in the New York City area, where she does both telephone readings and in person readings, healings and mentorships.