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Message from Maximillien de Lafayette President of the Federation to Lightworkers

Stay out of troubles

You will never work again as a lightworker if your name has been dragged into the dirt. One single lawsuit against you and you are dead meat.

The lawsuit suit will ruin you professionally, socially and financially, and will put an end to your career; you will never recover again. People will always remember that you have been accused of something and sued.

No client with a sane mind will ever again call you or knock on your door. Whether you are guilty or innocent, and even if the court of law ruled in your favor, it would be too late to clean your name and reputation. It would be too costly, too late and too painful to you, to your family, to your children, to your spouse, and a great embarrassment to your  associates and friends. The word will be out and your name will be printed in muddy ink all over the papers and on the Internet. No client wants to consult a psychic, a medium or a healer if he/she has been sued for anything, and especially for malpractice, false claims, badmouthing people, and hurting others.

 Eleven rules to remember:

You can always avoid all these troubles by:

  • 1-Defining a clear refund policy.
  • 2-Being clear and honest about what you will be offering to your clients.
  • 3-Refraining from badmouthing colleagues, peers and others, because they will react. And especially don’t call them names; “fake”, “con”, “scam”, unless you can prove it in a court of law and beyond the shadow of a doubt. And before you accuse any body of anything, please consult a lawyer. Don’t let your anger or ignorance of the law ruin you financially and professionally. Because the people you hurt will come after you with everything they got. You are not invincible; you are just a psychic or a medium trying to make a living. And you are not perfect. They will always find something wrong about you to nail you! Be smart and keep your mouth shut. Take care of your own business. Lawyers are costly. Courts of law testimonies and appearances, and lawyers’ tactics and cross-examinations will paralyze your business, bring you lots of unnecessary headaches, worries, and will cripple you financially.
  • 4-Getting rid of all sorts of false claims and promises.
  • 5-Getting rid of outrageously exaggerated statements.
  • 6-Avoiding mixing claims witch interfere with other legally established professions’ practices such as health, medicine, law. Ask a lawyer to write your “Disclaimer”. You are not stronger, more powerful and more influential than the tycoons of the “smoking” industry; all cigarettes packs and cartons have a “Warning” label pertaining to your health. You should have the same thing. Just tell your clients that your services are for entertaining purposes; nothing wrong with that. You are not going to lose them. If they need you, they will stick to you.
  • 7-Don’t ever attempt to give your clients, any advice on any question, issue and a case if it is of a legal, scientific, mental health, psychological, and technical nature, unless you are also a licensed physician, a lawyer, an engineer, a scientist, a social worker (Not light-worker), a psychiatrist, a psychologist, so on. You will be arrested and sent to jail.
  • 8-Don’t antagonize the media and alienate investigative reporters. Don’t ever believe, bad press is a good press; bad press is a bad press, and could and would put you out of business.
  • 9-Don’t brag about your success and earnings. You will create jealousy among peers, colleagues and friends; you will open large windows and wide doors of investigating what you are doing and the secrets of your success by the general public, government’s agencies, and especially your competitors and enemies.
  • 10-And be careful who you bring home if you work from your home (on this issue, I am talking from personal experience.) If you have an overnight guest, or a fellow psychic/medium visiting you, don’t let him/her come close to your desk, office or the area you use for your psychic’s work.
  • 11-Don’t ever give professional referrals, unless you are absolutely sure of the integrity, knowledge and expertise of the person or persons you are referring or recommending.

Maximillien de Lafayette