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Patrice Cole, The Federation's Chief Examiner for the Numerologists and Astrologers' Categories

Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist, Consultant & Intuitive Entertainer

Ranked # 1  Astrologer and Numerologist in the World

Psychic, Intuitive/Spiritual advisor with a focus on astrology and numerology.  She uses several different esoteric tools during a session in order to gain greater insight and clarity. Address: Hollywood Hills, CA 

Websites: , Email:

Telephone number: 323-650-9523 Best time to contact Mrs. Cole: 10 AM-6 PM

Years of Experience: 20+

Biography:  Patrice Cole is a gifted celebrity astrologer, numerologist and spiritual advisor.  In February of 2012, she was voted #1 Top Astrologer and # 2 Top Psychic in the world, reference, "The Register of the United States and World Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012". When Patrice was growing up, she loved helping others and was extremely sensitive, intuitive and compassionate.

After High School, she embarked on a modeling/acting career and soon realized that her extraordinary sensitivity was a gift, not a burden.  She was able to tap into a character on a page and truly feel 'their' emotions.  This insight encouraged her to keep developing and fine tuning her intuitive abilities. She found herself fascinated and intrigued with the esoteric sciences, especially numerology and astrology, which she studied intently.  On movie sets, Patrice started doing readings and charts for fellow actors, who later referred family members and friends.  She has successfully merged her performance skills with her Spirituality, and has been featured in numerous infomercials, television shows and videos. 

Chosen out of 1,500 psychics to co-host a nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show, she has written horoscopes and contributes spiritual/metaphysical content for websites and publications.  She continues to work with well-known celebrities, professionals, corporations and private clients worldwide. Patrice recently completed a TV Pilot titled 'Ghost Girls' that is being produced by Biograph Company.  A great proponent of "The Power of Positive Thinking", Patrice feels extremely blessed and gratified that she has been given the opportunity to help enlighten, inspire and empower others in their quest for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Refund policy:  If you are not 100% satisfied with your reading, your money will be promptly refunded.

Success ratio:  99% if a client is positive, proactive and will seize the opportunity. Mrs. Cole stated, “I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking & Free Will.  The most successful Chart cannot be realized if a client does not activate it.”

Rapport with clients:  Mrs. Cole stated, “I cherish my clients and many of them will remain dear friends for life.  I feel blessed to have been given the gift to help empower, enlighten and inspire others, as well as brighten their spirit with hope and faith.  To witness a client improve their life and ultimately manifest their dream~ brings immense positivity to the planet, as well as profound joy and gratification to my heart and soul.”


Interview with the great Patrice Cole

Question: Could you please give us one example or two (if possible) on how do you walk an extra mile with your clients? In other words, what is so special about your rapport and relations with your clients?

Answer: I have the most amazing clients and I love them all!! I view them as dear friends and treat them as such. My heart breaks when they are sad and my heart is overjoyed when they are glad.  I am invited to their weddings, baby showers (Godmother to several), birthday & holiday parties, graduations, etc., and more often then not, I end up giving readings at these special occasions.  Also, the majority of my sessions are conducted via phone and I always set a time block of a couple hours. I will stay on the line with my client until all of their questions have been answered (my longest session lasted over 4 hours).  Since they have put their faith and trust in me, I want to ensure that they have a positive and enlightening experience. It is my goal that they take away from my reading greater clarity, deeper insight and a much more hopeful and inspired outlook.  I also tell my clients to please keep me posted and email me if they have additional questions or concerns, which I usually answer at no additional charge. I then follow up to see how my clients are doing.  My business is based on word of mouth, referrals and repeat clients.  Reputation is everything and I am a firm believer in Karma.

Question: And time-wise, what was (or is) the longest professional rapport/relation you had with any of your clients? Occasional readings? One-time reading? Or a continuous consultation? And what is the percentage of repeated customers?

Answer: I continue to advise many of the same clients I had years ago when I first started doing readings. About 85% continue to consult with me on a regular basis.

 Question: In business, there is a rule of thumb which includes: 1-Clients’ total satisfaction, 2-A refund in case the customers are not satisfied, the service is not adequate or the product is received damaged. Don’t you think all lightworkers should observe this rule? In your opinion why so many psychics, mediums, healers and spiritual advisors don’t refund their unsatisfied clients?

Answer: I ABSOLUTELY believe all lightworkers should observe this rule!  It is the most ethical and honorable thing to do.  I can only assume that the reason a certain psychic won't offer a refund is because they probably are not very adept at their profession.

Question: How would you define or explain a caring rapport and/or relation with clients?

Answer: Someone who listens, as much as speaks.  Someone who is kind, considerate, sensitive and compassionate to her client's plight.  Someone who can instill hope, faith, inspire, motivate, empower. Someone who can give honest counsel with possible solutions or alternatives to problems or frustrations that the client may be facing.

Question: Have you ever given free personal readings? On what occasions?

Answer: I have passion for what I do and I love to help others. I am constantly dispensing free advice and council~  and especially when an individual reaches out to me for help, I cannot turn them down. I have also volunteered my readings at many charity events and causes and continue to do so. I have received many blessings in life and I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around.

Question: In your professional opinion, what is more important: 1-Telling your clients the whole truth about what you have found in your reading about their health, business possible failure, good news/bad new ; 2-A free reading in case a client can’t afford to pay for your service; 3-Full refund if the clients are not satisfied?

Answer: All of the above (Fortunately, I have never had anyone request a refund). As far as telling the whole truth, there is a way of presenting negative information in a helpful, positive way- by pointing out possible options and solutions that can help the client turn things around or deal more successfully with the situation.  I personally will not diagnose health issues.  I am not a Dr. and this is not my specialty.

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Recommendations for Patrice Cole:

1-I would like to nominate my two favorite psychics, Patti Negri and Patrice Cole, both from Los Angeles, CA. They are wonderfully insightful, with great intuition and loving souls.  They truly care about the needs of their clients.  And they are both really beautiful; I cannot choose between the two, so I will take both.  Thank you so much, Sal Velazquez

2-Hello Ms. Goldsmith, my name is Sue Czumbil - Smith. I am writing to let you know that about a year ago I saw a beautiful blond woman on the facebook page of one of my friends.  I had no idea who she was, however she had me drawn to her. I reviewed her profile page and discovered what she did for a living. At the time I was having some challenges in my life as we all do.  I did not contact her right away, I wanted to pause and make a wise decision when that chaos had passed.  I had been to other mediums/ psychics and right away they wanted money. My intuition was telling me this is not a good fit, however I was in a very vulnerable, lonely, and frightened state of mind. I know that the very people I turned to for help and paid way too much money could sense my desperation and instead of really caring for my needs they were caring for my money. Unfortunately, I only have to hold my self accountable. Had I been in a more controlled state of mind I would have put an end to what I was doing.  Then I decided to try Patrice. I was immediately engaged and so comfortable. I trusted her more than anyone I have ever confided in. Patrice does what she does best for a living, and a few people that I have mentioned how I reached out to Patrice for help had a sarcastic reply, such as “those kind of people will tell you anything you want to hear as long as you pay them".  My past experiences indicate the affirmative and I would normally agree, however Patrice is not one bit greedy, nor has she ever made me feel that 6th sense whispering in my head to stay away.  Patrice has a true gift and I believe whole heartedly that she realizes she has been very blessed. I firmly believe Patrice practices with every client with divine spirit and divine love. I have had about 4 sessions in the past year with Patrice to help me stay on course with my goals and objectives towards over coming low self esteem, poor health issues, and most of all, she has given me the tools to love myself first. Without self acceptance and self love the rest of my intentions will not come to pass. I know this to be true. When I fly, I soar, when I fall I crumble. The common denominator in the above aforementioned is how I am thinking. Yes, our thoughts rule our journey. From the very first session and the very first concern that Patrice had, she was right on target. She was really concerned about my health, and at the time I had been in bed for almost a year struggling due to an underactive thyroid and depression. She took her time with me, she listened intently, she could feel my pain and suffering, she knew I was embarrassed and put me at ease. This was all done over a telephone. I am in Pennsylvania and she is in California, however if someone could have witnessed the connection and the blessings we were receiving, the healing that was taking place, the trust & sacred bond between us, the viewer would tell others of a miracle taking place. I am a believer in God and Jesus is our Savior. I believe in prayer and the bible. I also believe that it is good and right if we go to the angels on earth when we need a human connection. This connection has enabled me to rise as if I was going through a rebirth. A birth leading and directing me to become empowered on this earth to do the true work I feel that I was put here to do. I know that my purpose will come to pass. If not for the guidance of God and for the human connection of Patrice, my struggles and challenges would hold me back.  I will continue my journey in this life on this earth with Patrice when I feel doubt or fear. I also truly love Patrice as my friend and I write her from time to time to keep her aware of how I am doing. I do believe she wants to know, although she is very busy with other clients, she does take the time to do follow up and contact with those who seek her out. In closing, I would like to say that I have tremendous respect for Patrice and I do not cross the line of client vs. friendship relationship.

Patrice is my mentor, my person, my human person here on earth that understands the human spirit.  Patrice is an angel with true concern for her fellow brothers and sisters. She has passion, she is funny, she is empathetic, and most of all she is truthful. I would recommend her to my own children. Patrice is the best and I want you all to know how she truly cares. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts, Sincerely, Sue Smith