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Telephone number: 775-233-8965

  • Are you a tested and certified practitioner? Yes.
  • Name of the organization which tested you and certified you. American Federation of Certified Psychics  and ESPsychics
  • Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines: Psychic, Medium, Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing, Aura Cleansing, Counseling, Past Life readings, Spiritual Path Counseling
  • Describe briefly your very special psychic talents: Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Energy reading and healing, Mediumship and working with Archangels
  • Are your psychic gifts inherited by birth (A natural gift), or taught? Inherited by birth, I have seen and regressed to many of my own past lives where I have lived life with all different kinds of magic and energy awareness. I am blessed now to be able to access these lives to discover a deeper understanding for many different gifts.
  • Have you received a formal psychic training? Yes
  • Where? Who taught you? For how long?
  • Berkeley Psychic Institute (1.5 years) My training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute began at a very difficult time in my life. I felt my life was out of my control, my gifts and abilities were absolutely out of my control and I was not confident in the direction my life was going. BPI helped me to harness my gifts, taught me incredible tools to use in everyday life and in the spirit realms. Since leaving BPI, I have been able to further my abilities and find my own strengths of raising vibrations and expanding consciousness, which has significantly improved my ability to read clearly and accurately.
  • Do you give seminars?
  • Not at the moment, however in the next couple years I plan to travel and do seminars about my spiritual awakening and the healing power of love through heightened energetic awareness and consciousness.
  • Certification, degrees, diplomas (All kinds): Bachelors Degree of Psychology from Sonoma State University
  • Fees: $125/hr for reading only, $190/90 min reading and healing
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 775-233-8965
  • Advice and/or counseling:

I fully believe in free will and the power of the individual to create their life exactly the way they want, through divine light and guidance. I feel that I better serve my clients by offering them insight to possible outcomes dependent on the choices they are being faced with, rather than giving advice. I am not here to be a guru or spiritual teacher by any means, although I might share a couple of my own techniques if it feels right in the moment. It is my goal to assist my clients in finding their own power to take responsibility of their life by strengthening their ability to create the life they choose to live.  I have experienced that growth and healing can take time and am willing to work with my clients on a repeat basis as long as I see their willingness to be the leader on the path of their own journey.


Refund policy:

I have never had to implement one, and would always be more than willing to give 100% money back in case of dissatisfaction.

  • Describe your rapport with clients:

I am just beginning my journey and building my clientele. So far, I have had great feedback and willingness to offer support such as testimonials and referrals.  My clients understand that I am not afraid to get ‘messy’ and discuss topics that can make a lot of people very uncomfortable. This allows us to find core issues to that can bring substantial growth during a single session. I am happy to offer any kind of follow up support to my clients and often stay in touch through social media. My philosophy is, “we are all in this together!” and believe that we can all help each other grow by connecting and being part of a loving supportive community.