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I was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y, raised a Catholic. I have also studied acting, performed in musicals, danced professionally, trained actors young and old, coached professional runway and I am a Jazz Vocalist. I have been a professional psychic reader for over 22 years. Since I have the spiritual gifts of hypersensitive empathy and psychic vision through my senses, I can easily tap into a personís energy, which helps me see the reason for blocked energy. I am also Clairvoyant, Clairsentinent and Clairaudient. I can help them understand why they are in the situation they are and why they allow themselves to continue in the same negative behavior. I help people understand why they repeat these same cycles and also identify thought patterns that cause blocks.

One thing that I have always known about myself is that I have always been intuitive. I have always had a different knowledge and understanding of the world than what others have.  I was just always different. In time, I finally grew into the knowledge that my life was to be a spiritual reader. I have studied with Brigit Esselmont, from Melbourne, Australia a Spiritual Teacher of the Tarot as well as the Tarot School in upstate N.Y.  My Spiritual education has always been a very important part of my life and I continue to attend or join online as many workshops and seminars as possible. I have also personally performed workshops to teach others the understanding of how to understand the Tarot Cards in a much more spiritual context. The gifts the Tarot Cards have for all of us , is to learn and to find what strength they individually have for each person.

My spiritual guides have given me a beautiful gift that I can never ever let go. My gift  helps others heal their heart and their thoughts. I give them the knowledge of Love and the strength to continue their path in the right direction. My goal is to help people embrace and understand themselves, their lives and how they can manifest their dreams. Professionally, I want my clients to understand that I am only a spiritual guide to the Tarot and therefore they must have an open mind and listen carefully in order to experience all the benefits from their Tarot reading.

I deliver messages in a straight forward way but yet in a compassionate manner, spliced with humor and uplifting cheer. I love helping people open up new beginnings in new love relationships with friends and family and to realize that there are always new beginnings of transformation coming in their lives. The doors are always open, if they believe. We are all spiritual guides in our life, moving in different directions in our path to move forward into our journey. I believe that there is a positive path for all of us. Life is what we believe, and what we put into it. If we love ourselves, life itself will give you love, abundance and the spiritual foundation of support to continue moving forward in the right direction.