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Shauna Freidenberger

 Tested and Certified Practitioner

Psychic Medium, Angelic Communicator, Medical Intuitive



Telephone number: 360.213.5732

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American Federation of Certified Psychic Mediums

Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines: Communication with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Palmistry, Past Lives, Oracle Cards, Medical Intuitive work and Angelic Healing. I also teach Workshops for Corporations and Businesses on how to utilize intuition in Business settings and life. Microsoft is one of my corporate clients.

Describe briefly your very special psychic talents: I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentient. Through my communication with the higher realms a reading from me can help you with: ~Connect/reunite with passed loved ones. ~Communicate with your spirit guides, angels, and Ascended Masters. ~ Assist you with questions regarding your past, present and future.~ Answer questions about paranormal activities ~Answer questions about any future endeavors you may be thinking about pursuing.~ Help you figure out and better develop your own intuitive gifts,~ How to further connect and channel your own intuition on a personal and professional level~Chakra clearing and healing~Palm Reading~ Angelic Energy Healing

Are your psychic gifts inherited by birth (A natural gift), or taught? My gifts are inherited by birth from both sides of my family. I have however, allowed myself to continue to grow and develop my gifts and clarify my skills so that I can continue to be of service to people and the World.

Have you received a formal psychic training? I have taken several classes and workshops to continue my education and skills from various teachers listed, but not limited to Doreen Virtue, Renee Madsen, and Jeannette Heiter. I have also continued deep study through my own practice.

Teaching, counseling and training: I have conducted several workshops for corporate organizations that were tailored to their own specific needs in utilizing intuition in business settings. These workshops focus on development of an individual's intuition, tools employees could implement to allow clearer creativity and seeing the next step that is needed in a project. These workshops also allowed employees develop better working skills, relations with fellow co-workers , and an overall better working environment. In my own practice and business, “Angelwerk,” I have conducted workshops and classes on the subject of, “Archangel Communication,” “Healing with the Elements and Elementals,” and “Connecting With the Divine Feminine.”

Certification, degrees, diplomas (All kinds): Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with an Emphasis in Original Works-Cornish College of the Arts (Cum Laude). Personal Training Certification- World Instructor Training Schools:

Stage appearances: Emerald Spiral Expo, Microsoft Enterprise Division- Employee Workshop

Radio appearances: (Cosmic Contact)

Fees: $120 1 HR, $65 ˝ HR and $180 for 1 HR Couples’ Session.

Skype: E-mail: Phone: 360.213.5732. In person: Parties: Price varies upon event size, travel time and mileage. Range from $250-$1000. Call for inquiries and details Corporate events are $250 HR