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Sherie Roufosse

Tested & Certified Psychic and Medium

Nationality: Canadian

Website: Medium



Telephone number: 604 886 9807


Q: Are you a tested and certified practitioner?

Sherie: Yes.

Q: Name of the organization which tested you and certified you.

Sherie: The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, in New York City.

Q: Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines

Sherie:  It can very from feelings to any of the Clairs: what is needed at the time.

Q: Describe briefly your very special psychic talents.

Sherie: Clairs. I see. hear ,feel , flashes of images . and smells

Q: Are your psychic gifts inherited by birth (A natural gift), or taught?

Sherie: Born with all my gifts.

Q:  Have you received a formal psychic training?

Sherie: No

Q: List your certificates, degrees, and especially lightworker’ diplomas and the institutions which granted you such credentials: Honors and Awards: Professional membership (All kinds).

Sherie: Round table .org

Q: Radio appearances: blog talk radio.

Q: Do you have your own show?

Sherie:  Yes

 Biography: A descendant of generations of highly gifted mediums and psychics. I was born with the psychic gifts of smelling, hearing, feeling, and seeing. For me, signals come in different forms via one of these senses, or even a photographic image in my mind. From the age of 2 I have memories of hiding under my baby brothers crib when spirits came. As I grew up, I learned not to fear them, but ask them what they needed, or, if they were here to help me. I have learned to understand the gift of clarity that has been bestowed on me, as the spirits show me many things. I hope to help you, bring clarity and happiness!