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Suzanne Victoria Grace

Tested and Certified Practitioner: Psychic & Medium


As a young girl Suzanne discovered that she was a psychic medium when she saw her first spirit wandering around her bedroom. She was just 4 years old. Later she learned that she comes from a long line of mediums; she was raised to believe it was a secret and not a gift and it wasn’t until about 16 years ago that she went on to give readings and mentor with the likes of James Van Praaugh, Rebecca Rosen, and Charles Virtue.

She has ventured into the Paranormal as well, assisting with investigations as well as families with “visitors” who are no longer welcome. She assists the family in sending the spirit home. She co-founded a business, The Trinity Paranormal Resolution Services and can often be found assisting families with resolving spiritual and paranormal concerns within their homes as well as their businesses.

Suzanne can read using her guides, the guides of the individual, the loved ones of those who have crossed over as well as using angel cards and other divination tools. She is also highly empathic and tends to feel her client’s needs prior to even beginning the reading (sometimes days before).

As a young child she learned her hands could assist with healing and as she grew in her practice she was led to study Theta Healing and became a practitioner in 2009 and from there went on to study Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Peal. She is currently a level II Reconnective Healer; she is also a Certified Angel Practitioner as well as a Theta Healer. She has also studied Qi Gong, Kunlun and is a Reiki Master.

Suzanne is currently finishing her degree in Social and Criminal Justice and is heading to law school. As a highly successful real estate agent, she is very passionate about all of her business ventures! In 2012 Suzanne was honored to appear on the cover of “The Register of the United States and World Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012,”  “AMERICA & WORLD BEST PSYCHICS & HEALERS WHO CARE MOST ABOUT YOU. (Hall of Fame of the Most Caring Lightworkers) ” and “SPECIAL EDITION WITH AN ADDENDUM. Volume 1: DIRECTORY & INTERNATIONAL RANK OF THE UNITED STATES & THE WORLD'S BEST PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS, HEALERS, ASTROLOGERS ... LIGHTWORKERS (Best lightworkers of our time)” she was featured in all books as well as named the #15 in the world’s most popular medium category, #21 best and most trusted category and listed in the special edition of the most caring in the world. She also contributed to “SPECIAL EDITION WITH AN ADDENDUM. Volume 1: DIRECTORY & INTERNATIONAL RANK OF THE UNITED STATES & THE WORLD'S BEST PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS, HEALERS, ASTROLOGERS ... LIGHTWORKERS (Best lightworkers of our time).”

Suzanne is scheduled to make multiple public appearances this year as well as several radio shows. Her preference is of course working with individuals and audiences and giving back to others. Her motto has always been “Pay it Forward” as God/Creator has gifted her and she in turn believes it is her responsibility to give back as much as possible. She can be reached via email at, via facebook at Suzanne Grace, via the Trinity Paranormal Resolution Services site at or her personal website at She can also be found on Twitter @MediumGrace and via cell for private readings, events and parties (805-341-0388).

  • Services Offered:
  • Mediumship Readings 
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Healing
  • Paranormal Cleansing (home and body)
  • Life Coaching
  • Paranormal Investigations
  • Paranormal Events (incl investigations)
  • Private Celebrity Events
  • Private Parties
  • Charity Events
  • Psychic Faires & Events 



  • Question: Why should we trust psychics?
  • Suzanne: The majority of psychics can be trusted; just like the rest of society, there are a few who may not behave in a manner that is acceptable but for the most part we are just like everyone else. In fact, personally I hold myself to higher standards because of the information I receive and deliver. What I say can change someone's life; therefore, what I say must be said very carefully. 
  • Psychics that have been tested have been validated by outside sources. Their personal and professional lives are investigated to ensure that they uphold values as well as possess characteristics that are above reproach. That does not mean we do not get parking or speeding tickets just like everyone else, but I do make sure that I treat others with respect, do my best to pay my bills on time, do not gossip about others and lead a life lived with integrity. If you can validate a psychic - he or she was referred by a trusted friend or relative, or you utilize a source (such as the American Federation of Psychics, Mediums & Healers or you are ensured that the person you are hiring is trustworthy and does indeed have a gift that they can share with you. 
  • Question: Do you communicate with particular spirits or entities? Do you know who they are...names for instance? And are these spirits, angels, deceased people or something else?
  • Suzanne: I personally communicate with the deceased loved one's of the person I am working with; I will also use my grandmother - who has passed as well - as a resource when I am unable to connect to someone's guides (people sometimes block us out of fear). I also have guides - one has been identified as Moses; that's another story (unless you want to hear it!) but he is a great, loving resource to me and helps me when it comes to delivering information that has a religious basis to it as well as giving me a kick in the pants at times. I also communicate with angels. I spent quite a long time learning about them as well as recognizing each angels energy when it is near. I have received information from one's guides who are Pleadian, but the information is very high level at times and can be difficult to understand. However, when I channel, I do not need to know it, the client does and it always makes sense to them. I have also communicated with the guides of my clients; sometimes these guides are Native American warriors or chiefs and the information is so beautiful. It gives us great insight to the client as well. 
  • Question: Do you prepare for your psychic reading, or is it a spontaneous process?  In other words, are you always ready to read for clients?
  • Suzanne: I will do both; if I am meeting with a group of people or a one-on-one that is booked in advance, because of all of the energy, I will prepare by meditating, using crystals to protect myself as well as oils. However, when I receive a phone call, I must be ready to go and as such I can deliver a spontaneous message to clients. I will ensure I am protected by performing protection prayers for the day and after each appointment or call, I will send back the energy. 
  • Tel: 805-341-0388
  • Email:
  • Refund policy: if a client is dissatisfied with a reading, Suzanne will refund 50% of the fee within the first 24 hours. Requests for refunds made after the 24 hour period are done on a case-by-case basis.
  • Level II Reconnective Healer - 2010
  • Theta Healing Practitioner - 2009
  • Certified angel practitioner 2008
  • Certified mediumship training - Charles Virtue - 2008
  • Certified Mediumship Training - James van Praagh - Level I, 2007; Level II, 2008
  • Second degree Reiki - 2008