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Training Programs, And Orientation Programs

NOTE: There are no fees, no dues, and no payment for granting/receiving any award, certification and professional recognition, for taking any course, for enrolling in any professional programs, orientation program, and training.

The Federation offers free of charge professional training and orientation programs to accredited members. The course of study for all the categories covers a multitude of subjects, corresponding to all the disciplines practiced by lightworkers, such as psychic reading, mediumship, psychometry, finding missing persons, witchcraft, energy-healing, spiritism and spirits séances, etc.

Please inquire about the complete curriculum and course of study.


Mediumship Orientation Program and Training

Course 1: Learning the languages of spirits and entities

 By Maximillien de Lafayette, President and Founder of the Federation

The TV paranormal and ghosts shows’ farce: Have you ever watched ghosts, haunting, supernatural, and so-called paranormal TV shows? What did strike you most?

What did you learn from these TV shows? Nothing at all, if you are a genuine lightworker, a metaphysical practitioner, a Mystic Allamah, an Anunnaki Ulema, a Taher (Plural: Tahiriin), or a Mounawar (Plural: Mounawariin). As a matter of facts, all these TV shows are an atrocious mockery of Rouhaniyaat and the noble Dirasaat of the Arwaah. I am appalled, disturbed and chagrined to see and hear so-called paranormal investigators, ghosts’ hunters, presenters and hosts of TV shows acting and behaving like imbeciles and ignoramus par excellence.

What disturbed most is how they falsely and ridiculously attempt to communicate with ghosts and spirits, by challenging them to reveal their names and identities, by “talking” to them, as if they really knew how to converse with them (non-physical presences, essences, and entities), and even by ordering them to reveal their presence. Have you ever seen an angel, a demon, a spirit, or a ghost responding to their challenge, and/or appearing in the flesh, or in any ectoplasmic form on the screen? Never, ever! Now and then, you would see dust particles, meaningless “things” caused by cameras’ reflections, humidity, dampness, shadows and reflection of lights caused by all sorts of elements and factors, such as electrical charges, old structure of buildings, plumbing, electrical currents, etc., none of which is of a supernatural or a spiritual origin and nature. And to add more theatrics, drama and confusion to all these charades and so called supernatural apparitions, the TV shows’ presenters and hosts act and react before the camera as if really they have encountered ghosts and spirits which you will never see on your TV set; some would even scream and flee the area, as if they were threatened or challenged by unseen entities. Their childish reactions are always accompanied with questions they ask each other (Like cameramen, co-presenters and co-hosts, invited guests, owners or occupants of premises, investigators and psychics) to bring more suspense, drama, and credibility to their show and  “faked” fear.

Questions like:

  • “OMG, have you seen this?”
  • “What is that?”
  • “Did you hear something?”
  • “Yes, I feel something strange in here, did you feel it?”
  • “It is too cold in here, do you feel it?”
  • “I heard something, did you?”
  • “Definitely there is something here.”

 Another set of ridiculous questions, now addressed to ghosts and spirits is as stupid and meaningless as the questions previously mentioned, and goes like this:

  • “Show up yourself”
  • “What is your name?”
  • “Don’t be afraid.”
  • “Are you with us?”
  • “Give us a sign if you are here?”
  • “Do you hear me?”
  • “Common, don’t be afraid! Tell us who you are.”
  • “Don’t be a coward. I challenge you to appear here and right now.”

And obviously, no ghost, no entity, and no spirit will ever appear and respond to any question. Do you know why? Well, there are many reasons, but the most paramount ones are:

  • 1-Nobody is home; there are no ghosts and no spirits. The whole thing is a farce.
  • 2-The TV show presenter and host, the invited distinguished paranormal investigator and psychic guest don’t have a clue who is here and who he is not, and especially because they don’t know how to “talk” to ghosts and spirits. As simple as that.

 Oh yes, the afterlife has its own language. And spirits, entities, angels, demons, Djinns and Afrit have very precise languages and dialects. In addition, complex preparations and quasi-ritual forms are needed to facilitate the communication with unseen, non-physical entities, and spirits. I don’t think a redneck from the swamps who became a TV show host, or a fancy-ritzy attractive blondie from Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue who became a paranormal TV show presenter have penetrated the secrets of the supernatural world, and mastered any of the languages of the spirits. This is why, no ghost, and no spirit will ever appear on their show. Case closed! And how about those fancy, state-of-the-art gadgets, cameras, recording devices, ultra red, ultra green, ultra blue, and ultra anything and everything, electro-magnetic instruments, night visions lenses, and video cameras they bring along to detect and photograph spirits, entities and souls? Throw them in the trash can. They are all part of the drama and theatrics. I don’t think the Virgin Mary needed special electronic equipment to see Angel Gabriel, or Bernadette has ever used a Radio Shack camera to see and hear the Mother of God in Lourdes, or the Mystic Ulema ever needed a Sony recorder to tape the voice of a spirit or a messenger from another dimension.

 Languages to be used in various spiritual and metaphysical communication: No medium or psychic can communicate with spirits, angels, demons, Afrit, Djinn and/or any metaphysical entity without observing the protocol of spiritual-metaphysical communication. I wrote at length on the subject in my previous books on spirits and the afterlife. Please refer to my published books in this field, or Course: Mediumship, Course 2. Worth mentioning here that there is a huge difference between contacting those who left us long time ago, the departed ones who are still trapped in the “Doomed Zone”, the dead who left earth some 40 days ago, departed friends, relatives and siblings who speak our language, and the “Traditional” spirits and entities of all categories who lived in an adjacent dimension and multiple zones of the afterlife for thousands of years, and especially the entities referred to in Middle and Near Eastern literature, mythology and studies of the Arwaah. No modern or contemporary medium or psychic in the West can call upon or contact any of those entities without knowing and understanding their language “Loughat Al Arwaah”. This course will teach you their language; words, sentences and phraseology that have been successfully and effectively used by Eastern seers, Sahiriin and metaphysical masters for thousands of years.

Each category of those entities has its own language, for instance:

  • 1-The angels have the Nouriin language, which means verbatim the language of light.
  • 2-The Afrit and Djinns have the Sawda language, which means verbatim the language of the darkness.
  • 3-The entities of the Lower Sphere have the Fasida language, which means verbatim the rotten language.
  • 4-The spirits from the Higher Sphere have the Tahira language, which means verbatim the pure and/or clean language.
  • 5-The evil spirits have the Charriir language and the Iblisi language, which means verbatim the language of the devil, so on…

 So, medium Brigitte or Charlotte in their fancy apartments on Les Champs Elysees in Paris can’t ring a 1000 year old spirit and talk to, in French with a Parisian accent. And psychic Elmer or Harvey in Louisiana can’t summon an entity from the Lower Sphere, who once upon a time lived in Mesopotamia some 3000 years ago and talk to the entity with a Southern accent. And channeller Maria Rosa Margueritta Mondragon de La Cruz from Vera Cruz can’t contact an evil spirit from Anatolia who lived some 4000 years ago in Turkey and talk to, in Spanish. If a medium or a channeller does not know the language of a particular class or category of entities, all their attempts will remain in vain. Since this course has a strong emphasis on communication with old spirits and legendary entities, the core of its contents will encompass their languages, words, commands, spells, Talabaat, sentences and conversion phraseology. By no means, this course should be considered integral and complete, for it does not list, itemize, and provide all the expressions, terms, words and sentences needed to communicate with all the spirits and entities’ categories and classes. It would take dozens of tomes to complete this task. However, it provides sufficient conversation’s terms, words, and sentences to enable the Taaleb to communicate with spirits and various entities from different spheres, zones and dimensions.

 Protocol, rituals, pre-requisites, preparations, setting, and additional requirements: You have to understand and remember that this course does not teach you how to communicate with spirits and various entities, how to set up your séances, and observe the Nizaam Al Arwaah (Protocol of the Spirits). I have written more than 10 books that teach you step-by-step how to communicate with non-physical entities, including angels, demons, Afrits, Djinns, Galla, Izraelim, Goolim, etc,  how to set up Jalasaat, how to create your Mouraba’h Sihri (Magical Square), materials and tools you need to open and close your séances, etc. So, please refer to my previous work, or enroll in the course: Mediumship, Course 2.

 How to use this material: The course is intentionally and orderly divided as follows:

Part 1: Glossary and terminology that group definition of words, terms, and concepts you must be familiar with. First thing to do is to get acquainted with the definitions and meanings of the most important words and terms from the Ulemite, Sahiriin and Mounawariin languages.  So, you must first read the Glossary/Terminology section.

 Part 2: Part 2 consists of words, phrases, sentences and commands frequently used by the Taaleb. This constitutes Kalam Wa Lougha, meaning verbatim, the words and sentences you will be using in your séances to converse with summoned presences, spirits and entities. The amount of phrases and sentences included in this section should suffice to initiate a rapport and/or a communication with spirits and entities, which will clearly understand what you are talking about. However, it will not explain and translate what the spirits and entities are telling you, or talking about. So, you must read this section, once you have read and assimilated Part 1.

Part 3: Loughat Al Arwaah: This section refers to the languages used by entities and spirits you have summoned. They have their own way of expressing themselves. They don’t talk or converse like us. There is no poetry in their style of expression. They use very short phrases, and quite often, the phrases end abruptly and suddenly. You will not find logic in their responses, explanations of phenomena, and promises, because you are not familiar with their world, dimensions, nature, and especially how their “Fik’r” and meta-physical essence functions. The Mystic Ulema called it “Baada Fik’r”, meaning, meta-logic. This is the last section you read, assuming that by now you are familiar with the contents of Part 1 and Part 2. If you need any additional guidance and help, email me at