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Autobiography: I provide Intuitive Counseling, Guidance, Coaching and Enlightenment. I have come across many individuals and families that need nurturing with their intuitive abilities. I encourage a support system at times connecting them with trusted professionals. I’ve had a gift from childhood of simply “knowing things” and “feeling” things before they happen. I soon found out that these psychic abilities have been present in my family for at least 6 generations.  My abilities include: Clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. To put it in plain English I receive information naturally by seeing, hearing, and picking up on others energy and feelings!

Growing up in a Latino family and a native Californian I’m also bilingual which opens up more doors for using my gifts to help others.  For over 16 years I have given spirit led readings using tools such as; angel messages, tarot cards, pendulum, and remote viewing using the skill of Psychometry.  I’m a skilled dream interpreter and also receive angelic messages. I am a medium and have the ability to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. The past events of other’s lives as well as the existence of their former lifetimes flow effortlessly to me.  My intuition is extremely clear and accurate and clients tell me they receive insight into their lives and problems and also feel supported in making the right choice.  They’ve also mention the positive energy and natural empathy that they sense in me.  I live by using my gifts of spirit to the highest good and I encourage others to develop their own intuition.   

I’ve always been interested by psychology and I became involved with volunteer work as a hospice advocate.  This is when my mediumship developed strongly. I’ve always looked at life as a learning experience and also believe in “keeping it real.” I am very honest but I also provide spiritual guidance that is as positive and hopeful as possible.  My natural abilities have opened many doors in my life and given me exciting new ways to be of service.  Since March 2012 I’ve been honored to participate in “Pounding the Ground” with the “Find Me” Group. “Find Me” is an organization of talented psychics, law enforcement officers and professional rescue volunteers who work with law enforcement and families to find missing loved ones and solve homicides.

Please trust my experience and insight to assist and guide your needs. 

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Recommendations for Van Doren Figuerdo

1-My name is Darlene Dixon. I would like to cast my vote for Van Doren Figueredo. She is so wonderful and kind. She is like a long lost friend. She is always right on without even asking a question. It makes the whole experience easy and comfortable. I have never felt taken. She is one of my top 5 people I am so happy I was able to meet in my life. Thank you for your time, Darlene

 2-I have had readings with Van Doren and I am amazed with her and my vote is for Van Doren. Thank You, Monica Salas 

 3-I would like to vote for Van Doren as the world’s best psychic.

She truly is amazing and very caring. Analenda Aguirre

4-I am so honored to vote for Van Doren Figueredo and Chinhee Park and Sunhee Park. These ladies are absolutely amazing. Their insight and kindness is given with such loving compassion. We are blessed to have them in our lives and for guidance and support. Christina Harris

5-Van Doren in Southern California is gifted. I have had readings from her.  She has what I call Dolphin energy.  Kaliea Gabriel in Roseville, CA reads our of Everlasting Gifts in Roseville.  She has a formal degree in Psychology, is a gifted reader, and life councilor.  She also gives gilded meditations to crystal bowls that is very healing.  Deanne Frank in Sacramento, CA is a very gifted direct intuitive as well as tarot instructor. Gnostic Friar

6-I have known Van Doren for many years and know that she speaks from her heart in sharing her gifts to help enlighten others on their own path. Marcia Rafferty

7-I would like to submit a vote and a testimonial for Van Doren for “World’s Best Psychics.”  I’ve known Van Doren for over 3 years now.  I hadn’t been impressed by many psychics before her.  The people I’d seen who actually seemed to have “something” that gave them insight and knowledge had either seemed cold and even judgmental. The first time I had a reading with Van Doren I seriously felt like someone had snuck in before my reading and told her all about my life!  She described all the important people in my life and the big situations that I was struggling with at the time as well.  She also gave me some guidance into how to handle the situations to bring about the best outcome. I was amazed by the accuracy but I was also very impressed with the warmth and empathy that radiated from her during the reading.  For lack of a better word Van Doren had such an “aura” that came from her that I felt comfortable and cared about even though I hardly knew her. I have had frequent readings from her throughout these years.  She is “real” and tells things how she sees them but she is also kind and tactful.  No matter what trials are in my life at the time I feel hopeful and more in control of my life after a reading. I think she is an amazing person and an amazing psychic and I count myself as lucky that God has brought her into my life. Deborah Snow

8-Hello, my name is Marilyn and I am from Newfoundland, Canada. My vote for favourite psychic is Van Doran Figueredo, California. We have been corresponding for 14 years now. Her loving nature and always willing to help a friend, is a winning person to me.  She has worked very hard for years now to get to her accomplishments.  She is #1 in my books. Hopefully many more people will come to know and trust her in their everyday lives.  Marilyn Noseworthy, Canada 

9-I would like to submit my vote for Van Doren. After a reading with Van, she was spot on in the situations that were arising in my life and helped guide with positive energy how to resolve some issues. Much appreciated. She is a beautiful and open-hearted spirit! Thanks. Taryn Stoddard

10-I just had a reading from Van Doren in San Diego, August 2012. I wanted to know about my love life and if there was anything interesting there. She immediately started telling me about someone from my very resent past that I still had feelings for but I had moved on to someone else. When she mentioned him and with every detail I must add, I was blown away. She even mentioned something about his health he had not discussed with any other person but made perfect sense. At first I wondered why my past was showing up, them I realized it was because I hadn't let go or was hoping deep down inside that some how our story would continue. Emilia Moreno

11-In behalf of my friend that's been a great contribution to the worlds phenomenon gifted spirit. I am voting for Van Doren Figueredo. Her third eye allowing such energy to be received, transforming instant her body to feel ones energy is amazing. Her spirit to help others is timeless! I have been a believer for many years, crossed psychics that have no connection, supplement there income by readings. When I first met Van Doren, she shared her upbringing religious beliefs, having blessing from the church was more real that she was an authentic messenger given the tools to help others. I also had the experience of meeting through Van Doren the (twins) Sunhee, Chinee Park, Patti Negri at an open forum readings that were amazing to so many in the audience. If, I can also vote for each name added in second paragraph, I will like to add a vote for them. If not acceptable then I will only vote for Van Doren. Thank You, Cynthia Aguirre

12-I vote for Van Doren Figueredo. She recently gave me a reading that was right on! I have more clarity now and will use her reading to guide my decision making. Linda Lewis

13-Hello, I am emailing to tell of my encounter with Van Doren Figueredo.  I have only met her once but it is an experience I will NEVER forget!  In June, after much convincing from my family and friends, I went without my children (very rare) to see my family in California.  This was my first time traveling outside of Colorado.  My cousin was graduating from high school.  At her graduation party, I happen to be showing my Aunt a picture of my children.  Van Doren was sitting next to my Aunt and just commented on the picture. She was so accurate with her “opinion” of the kids, that I decided to continue talking to her.  I felt in my heart that Van Doren is the person I have been waiting so long to meet.  I knew there was a reason I was traveling so far away without my children. Van Doren also told me she knew there was a reason for her to be in attendance at the graduation party as well.  You see, she had not seen my Aunt in 3 years, nor had they talked in over a year.  Van Doren for some reason had also not received the invitation that was sent to her but decided to still come. Van Doren told me things, without being prompted, that validated what I had been thinking but had been doubting.  Nothing she said was new to me, however, they were things NO ONE could have known about.  She simply helped me put my thoughts into perspective. Since meeting Van Doren, I have had amazing things happen because I stopped doubting myself.  Van Doren never really told me anything that was new, she simply validated all my doubtful thoughts and gave me the power to believe in myself again. She is a blessing and should be recognized for her wonderful abilities.  I hope my testimony will help her. Sincerely, Dominique M. Petramala

14-I Rene' Miramontes-Ochoa vote for Van Doren, as a great Psychic. I had a reading from Van Doren this year. I was amazed how much Van Doren told me about my husband, son, family members! I left with peace of mind, comfort, healing, with her reading. God has blessed Van Doren with a gift to help people who are seeking their love ones!!! Thank you, Rene' Miramontes-Ochoa  

15-I am writing to you to vote for van Doren Figueredo as the worlds best psychic.  She did a reading for me and everything was dead on!! The best part??? It was over Facebook!!! She even knew how many programs were open on my computer even ones I had no idea were running in the background!! My family thought we were moving out of state she said no we would move only within 5 miles, well shortly after the reading, the job fell through and yes we found a house 2 miles away now!!!  There are more personal things she touched on which I won't get into but yes everything was correct!!! She also felt a grandmother from my dads side overbearingly with me which validated my feelings that I always feel her there how awesome to know my beautiful grandma I miss dearly is watching me from above!!! Yes van Doren is definitely the real deal!! Krysten Duquette

16-I have received readings from Van Doren Figueredo and would rank her extremely high in accuracy and professionalism. Her reading was accurate having no previous knowledge of my current situation. Sincerely, Gnostic Friar

17-I have received readings from Van Doren Figueredo…She is great and should be highly ranked. George Williams

18-I would like to submit my vote for a dear friend, whom I’ve just had the opportunity to reconnect with in present life.  Our gift of spiritual healing, and intuition comes once in a life time when we usually have the action to embrace and manifest it within others.  I've known Van Doren Figueredo for over 20 years and her quantum leap in the Spiritual World of Reading is without question infinite....And so it is, Amen.

Respectfully, Angela B. Gast

19-This letter is submitted to you as my personal testimonial regarding a recent psychic reading I received from Van Doren Figueredo and the amazing experience I had consequently, as stated below:  I have only recently made the acquaintance of Van Doren for a very brief time at a party in early July of this year. Due to the size of the group and the limited time before it was time to leave, we were not able to speak much to each other or get to know one another. As it turned out, a month or so later I was able to meet her again with the same group of women at another weekend get-away. This time we were able to socialize a bit more but she arrived later on the first evening and time was limited. She also informed all of us women attending that weekend that she would be giving psychic readings to anyone interested beginning the following day. Well, hey! Since I'd never had a psychic reading, I was anxious to get in line and waited patiently while she worked until it was my turn. When I was finally called to the reading room that Van Doren had set up in the house, she sat me down on a chair in front of a small, round, nicely clothed table and handed me a beautiful crystal sphere to hold while I thought about what I wanted to ask. She then asked me to concentrate on the subject matter I needed to know about and instructed me not to ask her out loud and to keep my question to myself but in my fore-thoughts. After a few minutes, I was asked to choose 2 out of 3 decks of beautiful tarot/angel/oracle cards from the table and instructed to shuffle both. I also picked an Angel card from a separate deck to help her with her with her reading. She began her reading explaining to me that it was a general reading from the cards I chose from each deck and what followed was truly amazing! My past, present and future seemed to, literally, be laying out on that table! As I stated above, I had only met Van Doren briefly a month or so prior to that weekend with little time to chat and our time spent before my reading on that weekend was mainly within our group of women. As I am quite a private person, and more so as I get older, I had never spoken to Van Doren of my personal life before that time, nor have I really since we have gotten to see more of each other since. However, to my total and utter amazement, what Van Doren told me about my past and present situation relating to my silent inquiry was so "dead on" I would have sworn she had been living with me and my experiences all my life. If she is as accurate on my past and present life experiences...then I am so looking forward to my future as she informed me it would be. It looks pretty rosey so far and has been. That one Saturday morning in September of 2012 will never be forgotten and I will forever be truly amazed at Van Doren's divine psychic talents. She will always have my Vote for World's Best Psychic! Sincerely, Karen M.