Violet Mitchell

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Violet Mitchell

Tested and Certified Practitioner


Violet is an Intuitive Spiritual Guide, inherently psychic living the professional practice of an Angel Messenger, relationship specialist, and life guide.  For over 17 years, Violet has been the face, heart, and mind of numerous clients in the Los Angeles area and abroad, teeing in with and communicating with your divine spirits to share in direction you to your paths. 

Sacred to her heart, Violet is happy devoting all of her time and energy in helping each person just as her Spiritual/Guardian Angels help her.  Today she is in Los Angeles enlightening people with Chakra balancing, Crystal healing, dream interpretations, Aura readings, and cleansings.  She presents and consults you with all of your possibilities in life, showing you your positive higher-self.  Your divine spirits work through her to help you assemble you to your full potential, empowering you to realize and lead you to your brighter future.
Violet has been tested and is a certified psychic and healer.  Dedicated to sharing her many gifts, she is a leader of governing balance, positivity, and love guiding each person to each and fully embrace the secret petitions of their heart.

Areas of practice:

Angels messenger
Animal communicator
Aura reading
Aura cleansing
Chakra balancing
Crystal ball reading
Crystal healing
Dream interpretations
Empathic intuitive
Intuitive consultant
Intuitive spiritual coach
Life coaching
Spiritual advisor
Spiritual guide
Tarot reading